BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!


Well, so far at least, you never know whether it will suck or not by just a few episodes. But hell, if those few episodes were this awesome enough to make me wanna watch BLEACH again, then it is the best damn filler EVAR!

I haven’t been following BLEACH [anime] ever since the Soul Society Arc ended…I think that’s when the Bount Arc started, not sure, but since then, I’ve stuck to the manga…but because my brother watches ALL OF IT, I once in a while take a peek at his screen to see where the series is at that time, which had rewarded me greatly! ;) And this time, when I heard a filler was coming up next, I decided to ditch BLEACH, that was of course before I knew what the filler was about.

But again, I took a peek out of curiosity and was interested in this Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc. We don’t really know much about the Zanpakuto other than they reside within a Shinigami as another part of them…exactly how or why is what I wanna know, which is why I’m watching this Filler Arc. If it sheds a bit of light on this Zanpakuto deal, it will be time well spent. But hell, so far I’ve been enjoying every second of this BLEACH filler!

P.S: That scene with Hollow Ichigo was what made me proclaim this arc the best filler arc EVAR! ;)

9 thoughts on “BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!

  1. I tore my hair while watching the Bount Arc and gave up on the Amagai Arc pretty fast, but I have to say this filler arc has put Bleach back on my weekly watching list. [Since I read the manga too and usually don’t bother with the anime till it comes new OP/ED time]

    Let’s hope they don’t mess this one up. >_>;;

  2. I follow the manga more strictly than the anime. I’ve watched the bounto arc and I was surpised I didn’t die of boredom. I didn’t even watch the Amagai arc.

    But this one is awesome! Like Miken-chan said, I hope they don’t screw it up.

  3. I heard that Kubo is actually working with this filler. I had suspected this earlier when I thought that production would need his help with character design for zanpakuto and storyline. But I think he may be working with this filler and making sure its actually good.

    I hope thats true cause we don’t need another Amagai fail.

  4. Yes like you I also LOVE this filler to the DAYS !! However I’m keen on knowing when the filler ends and we get back to what is going on with the attack on the town and everything as alot of the manga ive been reading looks SICKINGING ! and I’d wanna now watch it..

    PS if you know where to read the zanpakuto manga please share a link :D

  5. bleach has been running for so long now that I have actually lost interest in the story anymore. But I am in love with this filler.

    I like this filler more than I like the canon story.

    • try episode 272. it shows a new hollow ichigo. its the final fight between ichigo and ulquiorra. it. was. awsome.

  6. you must not have seen the hueco mundo arc then. there’s a whole new hoolw ichigo and he looks sooooooooo cool! here’s a pic:

    this was during ichigo’s final fight with ulquiorra

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