Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS Ep. 21

Recently, Nanoha StrikerS has been what I loved about Nanoha and Nanoha A’s…epic battles, surprises, and the occasional twist!! I’m glad I stuck with it and didn’t abandoned ship like many people did. They were just disappointed at the ‘training episodes.’ Oh well, their loss!! They even missed the awesomeness of episode 17 along with Subaru and Ginga’s ‘secret’. ^_^ {I should have done a post for that episode, oh well…}

Episode 21 finally got to the fight against Scaglietti and the numbers. Everyone is dispatched to a different location to fight them off. Nanoha and Vita go into that flying ship and Fate goes after Scaglietti along with a sister {forgot her name.} The forwards are in the city to fight against some numbers, and of course the recently kidnapped and ‘modified’ Ginga-nee!!

Everyone goes of to fight in their own battle. Hayate Vs. All them flying drones {C’mon!! >_<} Caro Vs. Lutecia, Erio Vs. Garyuu {Lutecia’s summon?}, Signum/Rein Vs. Zest/Agito, Subaru Vs. Ginga, and Teana Vs three, THAT’S RIGHT!! 3!!, numbers {Wendi, Deed, and Novue}!!

It looks like Teana is in trouble, but she’s been holding her own against those three!! Even when cornered and bleeding she still as the will to fight {after reminiscing Subaru’s words that is!!} She’s awesome!! We didn’t see any Subaru Vs. Ginga action, but they were in fighting pose when the episode ended, so next episode we’ll see them fight {hopefully}!!!

W also get to see what it was that took down Nanoha and put her in the hospital before StrikerS even started. That thing attacked Vita, piercing her body through the back with a huge blade. Vita didn’t even look at her wound when she remembered what one of those things did to Nanoha, she just attacked it with all her might destroying it…only to have a lot more come out!! SICK!!

4 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS Ep. 21

  1. Crap! I STILL haven’t written this entry up. Hahahhaha! Must get to that before next Sunday. I’m quite worried about Vita. She’s no longer invincible and can’t really heal herself up like she was able to before. I believe the Knights lost those abilities after Reinforce was sealed up in A’s (Shamal talks about it in ep 18 or 19 when Vita goes in for a check up). Just look at poor Zafira…. Poor pup had a total of like 5 lines in the entire series! Hahahaha!

  2. He’s fighting Arf in the OP! :P Friend of mine borrowed the first 2 seasons from me awhile back and hasn’t returned them, so I haven’t watched it in awhile… but he’s in human form quite a bit.

    Neglected, yes… but he wouldn’t be Zafira if he wasn’t neglected. ;)

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