Top 5 Anime Picks for Fall 2009 Season

Chartfag For the upcoming season, I’m planning on watching less anime than ever so I can have time to do other stuff, mostly studying {Japanese, PhotoShop, Blender, among other things}. I dunno if it’ll be only these five picks, but I’m planning on watching a minimum of 10. That’s about half of what I usually […]

[Saimoe 2009] Bye bye Boss

Boss is not pleased…planning something? Well, this was expected, no surprise at all. This is a MOE tournament, and although Kana is cute and FULL OF AWESOME BAKA YAROU WIN, she’s not ‘moe’ enough to be a threat to Isumi [Hayate no Gotoku]. =3= That LOL SURPIRSE win of hers was awesome! ;)

Valkyria Chronicles – Screw You Squad 7!

You’ve been treating every member in your squad like a family member. You guys even accepted a Darcsen into your group…sans Rosie, until Isara’s death…you didn’t care who it was, if they are in your squad, you treated him/her like a friend, then Alicia shows some Valkyria powers SAVING YOUR LIVES and all of a […]