{Eroge} Visual Novels to Doujinshi no Koto


NOTE: I didn’t play this one, I just found the HCG’s!! ^_^’

First thing I want to get off my chest is: “Why are these called ‘Games’?” I mean, for me, a game is an application where you have to think up of a strategy (RPG’s), shoot people (FPS), figure out how to solve something (Puzzle), and/or pass a ball to someone (Sports). All you do here is read, ocassionally choose Option A, B, or C, and then read some more. That’s not game-ish at all, that’s survey-ish or something. Granted though, this is a NOVEL in VISUAL form, you’re just supposed to read! So…whatever, let’s just call it what everyone calls it and move on! ^_^

Fate/Stay Night
This is the one I’m currently playing.

If you haven’t played a visual novel, let me quickly tell you the differences from reading a Visual Novel and a Light Novel. Obviously, the Visual Novel has the characters on screen talking as their lines are said, (some Visual Novels have voice over while others don’t {like the Fate/Stay Night}). The one with voices already takes care of how they sound, but in the non-voiced ones and on the Light Novels, you can come up with you own ‘voice’, and to me, that’s a little better since you can imagine the characters and what they’re doing yourself, which is good for people with crazy imaginations!! ^_^ In the Visual Novel, the characters are already on screen so you don’t have to imagine that much stuff.

I ♥ Iinchou!! ^_^

What makes reading a Visual Novel so enjoyable is the soundtrack {BGM}. The experience is further enjoyed by having the BGM match the mood of the scene. From an intense battle scene to a comedic breakfast scene, the BGM is what truly made it that much more enjoyable {along with the special effects}. I can’t tell you just how fast the battle music makes my excitement level rise!! ^_^

Now, I know that most of the people who play these games are in it for the story…or that’s what I like to believe. I would still play Fate/Stay Night if it didn’t have any H-scenes, but if it’s there, I’ll welcome it! ^_^ I fully enjoyed CLANNAD and that game doesn’t include any H-scenes at all, it’s a just pure character driven game. To me, those H-scenes seems like the Hollywood required sex scene. But for Visual Novels, it actually fits along with the story and doesn’t feel like it was tacked in there because it’s ‘required’. It’s integrated well into the story and flows, making it a bit more enjoyable.

Simply put, Visual Novels are a fun exciting read compared to a Light Novel. It’s all fun and good and is really hard to find something bad about it…unless you’re reading an Eroge Visual Novel. My complaint about the Eroge Visual Novel is what really motivated me to start writing all of this. And it’s only a small trivial matter…it’s all about censoring.

Fate/Stay Night
I’m taking a risk at posting these type of images! ^_^’

Long before I started playing Fate/Stay Night, I saw the ToHeart2 XRATED HCG’s and thought the uploader was the one who censored them to entice us to buy the game and see the real deal…but now, after reading through the Mana Regeneration scene in Fate/Stay Night, I came to realize that that is how the game is sold. -_-

I can’t tell you how eager I was to watch the Mana Regeneration scene. I was so sure it was going to be so awesome, but when I saw a pixelated area, my first reaction was: “Eh!? The hell is this? Why is it…?” Then I suddenly realized that it was blurred just like the ToHeart2 XRATED HCG’s…damn, a scene I was eagerly wanting to see suddenly became a disappointment, in a way. {It was still awesome to see the scene the creator intended rather than the watered down anime dragon version though!! ^_^’ } I got through the scene, but with a sour taste in my mouth…

?!? hmm…that doesn’t seem to be a good line to say when I’m talking about a Hentai scene!!! ^_^’

Fate/Stay Night

After the scene, I asked myself a few questions:

—“Are ALL Eroge Visual Novels like this?!”

I’m not knowledgeable enough so I want that one answered!!! >_< But, I think that seems to be the case… :(

—“Why draw something that will be sold for PRIVATE use only to have it censored? Does Japan have some issues selling uncensored {anime} stuff or something?”

This from a country that comes up with the weirdest best pr0n ideas, Love Hotels, Red Light District, and a Pleasure Channel. O_O* And yet, they don’t show anything graphic. Well, I did a little research and it seems they censor it because they think it’s “injurious to public morals”. So chains, whips, blood, and thing in areas they don’t belong in aren’t? O_o

By the way, I learned ANYTHING uncensored in Japan is meant to be sold internationally…

—“Do people actually get off with this!?”

I remembered that in Genshiken, Sasahara wanted to be alone with his Eroge!! ^_^ And at first, I was OK with it and didn’t bother me at all. But now that I know Eroge are censored, I found his action a bit weird. I mean, it’s weird enough to get “excited” from an image, but to get off from a blurry/pixelated image? I really don’t see how they can do it…if it was not censored, I might understand a bit more…

Is it the fact that it’s blurred out and ‘forbidden’ that makes them more excited?

ToHeart 2 XRATED


9 thoughts on “{Eroge} Visual Novels to Doujinshi no Koto

  1. “I’m not knowledgeable enough so I want that one answered!!! >_< But, I think that seems to be the case…”
    Yeah many eroge visual novels are like that :( However some are not censured like “Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2”.

  2. Well, some Doujinshi do have stories, though I can only think of one, and it’s probably the only one worth reading, at least if you’ve seen Eva and the movies:

    RETAKE of Evangelion.

    It’s an attempt to put a new, happier, and more satisfying ending on Neo Genesis Evangelion. And I think it actually succeeds – it’s certainly pleasant to imagine that this is the real ending. Available from the usual scanlation sources. Read it in order 0 1 2 3 4 After, or 1 2 3 0 4 After…

  3. Ironically, the Japanese law which requires censoring is also probably the main reason why they have so much weird porn. Just showing penetration all the time doesn’t work any more, so there’s more of an incentive to be…creative.

  4. NOTE: I didn’t play this one, I just found the HCG’s!! ^_^’

    Did you happen to come across the CG for TH2 Another Days? :D Highly recommended… actually VERY highly recommended. :D

  5. @deftoned: Actually yeah! I was thinking of adding an image from it too, but I didn’t know any of the characters {except Konomi and Tamaki} and decided to stick with the XRATED HCGs. ^_^’

    Shameless Addidion: Tamaki and Konomi in the same H-image is pure win!!! ^_^

  6. Hentai games that are translated into English usually, but not always, remove the censorship. (If they can’t find the original artist to replace the missing bit, they’re stuck with it.) Because they are uncensored, these versions cannot be sold in Japan, and sometimes you see Japanese people trying to sneak copies of the English version because of that.

    Anyway, if you like uncensored graphics or just want more games in English, support the companies by paying for translated copies, so they can afford to make more.

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