CLANNAD – Gym Storeroom: Deleted Scene

“I ask of you…is Fuuko the Starfish Master?” This is what really happened in the gym storeroom but KyoAni deleted it and replaced it so they wouldn’t get mauled by rabid Fuuko haters! ^_^ And if you were expecting “that”…sorry to disappoint you perv!! ^_^ Love Kyou’s face…is that a “Oh thank god!” face or […]

Tsundere no Koto

Back when I first started watching anime, my favorite character type was the shy quiet girl {like Hyuuga Hinata – Naruto} because I liked watching them break out of that character and be more open. Even now, I like seeing them come out of their shell and talk more often {Hoshino Yuumi~♥}, but not as […]

{Eroge} Visual Novels to Doujinshi no Koto

I wanted to do this a while ago, but since I’ve never played an Eroge Visual Novel, all my thoughts would’ve have been completely based on what I know and not my experiences, which would make this completely biased. But now that I played a little bit and got to a certain place, I decided […]