[NSFW] The Chest Wars – Middle Ground

Yay for Recycling The Chest Wars Begins! This is an interesting idea concocted by Panther from the Deathseeker. Basically, we’re supposed to write about what types of breast we like and choose a faction, either the Boob Lovers Side or the DFC Lovers Side. I have written about breast before, about HUEG BEWBS. This is […]

[Quick Post] What I see as “Moe”

“Moe” [萌え], a Japanese slang term used to describe a character to which you the viewer would develop “a pure, protective feeling towards”. “Moe” literally means “budding/developing”, which refers to the growing/developing protective feeling for the character. The same “Moe” can be used for ‘attraction, fascination, interest, fetish, etc. etc…’, for example: tsundere-moe, attraction/interest for […]

Dubbing no Koto

Makaigo de ha nai… When you hear the word “dub”, what do you do? Do you roll your eyes and say “Ha! Original Japanese is Better”? Or do you say “Oh crap, someone is going to bash me for watching it in English…”? The “Original Audio VS DUBS” debate is never ending…it’s another debate that […]

Genderswapping no Koto

See I can make them too! I’ve seen these quite a bit while browsing Danbooru, probably brought about by the one with most images, Kyonko who is the female version of Kyon from “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”. Which leads me to believe that this was all brought by a girl who wanted to see […]

Tsundere no Koto

Back when I first started watching anime, my favorite character type was the shy quiet girl {like Hyuuga Hinata – Naruto} because I liked watching them break out of that character and be more open. Even now, I like seeing them come out of their shell and talk more often {Hoshino Yuumi~♥}, but not as […]