{Eroge} Visual Novels to Doujinshi no Koto


I have the same problems with Doujinshi that I do with {Eroge} Visual Novels. {It’s about the censored part.} And I also have the same argument/questions as the visual novels. But there’s something else that I have to say about doujinshis, it’s the sole reason why I stay away from {most} them.

It’s the fact that they have no story at all. It’s just you average pr0n setting in comic form with your favorite character. That’s all it is, it’s just a way to see your favorite characters in a sexual setting…and sometimes they go completely overboard, which usually destroys the characteristics that made you like the character in the first place. That’s the reason why I stray from most doujinshis.

If they have a character I absolutely adore, then I would NOT read that doujinshi at all. {There are some exceptions though, you see Iinchou (Komaki Manaka) up there? For some reason, I end up saving any H-image of her I come across on the net. I really love that character, but I don’t know why I deliberately save ‘those’ images… -_- } But if it’s has a character I like {or is H in character} and I happen to come across a doujinshi about them, then I’ll read it. I’m fine with things like this:

Gurren Lagann Yoko

But I still would be hesitant to read it since I know its no different from senseless pr0n. -_- As I said, I wouldn’t deliberately search for doujinshi, if I happen to come across it and if it has a character I wouldn’t mind seeing depicted “that way” then maybe I’ll read it. Other than that, I really don’t read much doujin works.

I’ll stick to visual novels, light novels, and anime. It’s there where I really enjoy the development of the characters and story. If it happens to have an ecchi scene, then I wouldn’t mind at all!! ^_^


9 thoughts on “{Eroge} Visual Novels to Doujinshi no Koto

  1. “I’m not knowledgeable enough so I want that one answered!!! >_< But, I think that seems to be the case…”
    Yeah many eroge visual novels are like that :( However some are not censured like “Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2”.

  2. Well, some Doujinshi do have stories, though I can only think of one, and it’s probably the only one worth reading, at least if you’ve seen Eva and the movies:

    RETAKE of Evangelion.

    It’s an attempt to put a new, happier, and more satisfying ending on Neo Genesis Evangelion. And I think it actually succeeds – it’s certainly pleasant to imagine that this is the real ending. Available from the usual scanlation sources. Read it in order 0 1 2 3 4 After, or 1 2 3 0 4 After…

  3. Ironically, the Japanese law which requires censoring is also probably the main reason why they have so much weird porn. Just showing penetration all the time doesn’t work any more, so there’s more of an incentive to be…creative.

  4. NOTE: I didn’t play this one, I just found the HCG’s!! ^_^’

    Did you happen to come across the CG for TH2 Another Days? :D Highly recommended… actually VERY highly recommended. :D

  5. @deftoned: Actually yeah! I was thinking of adding an image from it too, but I didn’t know any of the characters {except Konomi and Tamaki} and decided to stick with the XRATED HCGs. ^_^’

    Shameless Addidion: Tamaki and Konomi in the same H-image is pure win!!! ^_^

  6. Hentai games that are translated into English usually, but not always, remove the censorship. (If they can’t find the original artist to replace the missing bit, they’re stuck with it.) Because they are uncensored, these versions cannot be sold in Japan, and sometimes you see Japanese people trying to sneak copies of the English version because of that.

    Anyway, if you like uncensored graphics or just want more games in English, support the companies by paying for translated copies, so they can afford to make more.

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