Haganai NEXT 04 – Best Episode

Oh man… these idiots. Why would you challenge the final boss at the start of the game? You don’t have enough experience points, you’re under-leveled, you’ll be annihilated in no time!


Enjoy those smug faces while it last… and it won’t last very long!


That moment when they realize the huge fantastic mistake they have made. Oh god I’m loving this!

It’s waaaaay higher than expected, isn’t it girls? There is only one word which can describe and sum this whole thing up:






Yukimura taking it like a true man! Kinda wanted to hear Yukimura scream… but knowing Yukimura’s character, and having had read the light novels, I knew this was all we’ll get.

The others though… each had their own way of dealing with staring death right in the face:




What kind of chant is this, Yukimura? Are you cursing the world?

My favorite, is Rika. She doesn’t know what to do so she just becomes super sadistic:




Oh man, this segment. My sides hurt from all the laughing!

But they weren’t done. You know how Sena and Yozora are… they suddenly get competitive against each other and challenge each other to ride again. And putting up their though guy act… they go at it FOR EIGHT MORE TIMES.

Man, fighting the final boss like this should have toughen them up a bit, given them some immunity… nope:


And like the classic heroine that they are… THEY PUKE THEIR GUTS OUT ON KODAKA! lol

Perfect excuse for a bath scene. Time to see all the girls in all their birthdate suit glory!


Nope, male bonding time.

But hey, at least we have feminine looking Yukimura there. Yukimura may be male, but that doesn’t matter in the face of cute! Even Kodaka wasn’t sure if he should be feeling aroused by Yukimura.

It’s fine, Kodaka. Just let yourself go~ who cares, as long as it’s cute, no?




lololol I kid, I kid.

We all knew that, right?

Who actually expected a cute thing like Yukimura to be a guy?

Me for one. But I read the light novels and spoiled it for you at the end of the first season! lol I wrote that post not knowing S2 was coming, if I knew it would come so soon, I would have not written it.


One can’t too sure though… Rika, prove it to us, WITH SCIENCE!



This is all well and fun for us… but for Yukimura… it’s not all happy news.

She has always though she was male. Her father raised her that way. He wanted a son, but got a daughter instead so he gave her the name of a war general and raised her to his ideal offspring. Yukimura accepted this, she wants to make her father proud and wants to live up to the name given to her, so she aspired to be a man amongst men.

However, her appearance wasn’t manly, it was too feminine (of course), and because of this, she though everyone was bullying her for being a weak male. Her resolve only grew stronger, and when she saw how everyone feared Kodaka and how no one would mess with him, Yukimura thought he would be the one to teach her how to be a true man and became his underling.

All her life, she aspired to be a men amongst men, it’s a goal she has worked hard to hopefully achieve someday and make her father proud… but now that she has been made to know the hard truth, it’s impossible to achieve.

She cannot become a true man…




That must be the worst… dammit ;_;

So what now? She’s now just a cute adorable girl in a maid outfit. Must she stop being his underling and stop serving him?


She may have lost her dream, but she can still… no, she wants to, serve Kodaka.


And we all know why~


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