Strike Witches – Censored Pantsu?


As you can see by the screenshot above, Gonzo is not shy at showing us some pantsu. Hell, you see them in every other scene, and it’s the anime’s whole selling point…well, at least to me. I couldn’t careless about the big guns, air planes, or aliens, you can say those are extras, ’cause it’s all pantsu for me!! Especially if they’re the stripped kind like boob aficionado and breast impaired loli Franscesca is wearing! ^_^

To repeat myself, I’m in it for the pantsu, so I got a bit of a let down, and surprise, when they glared the hell outta this shot:


WHAT!? What the hell is that? Isn’t the show’s whole selling point showing us some pantsu? So why censor it? There must’ve been some extreme camel toe or something… >_>

Meh, oh well, time to see something decent. I hear something happens in “Itazuara na Kiss”…so I’ll go watch that.

7 thoughts on “Strike Witches – Censored Pantsu?

  1. “There must’ve been some extreme camel toe or something… >_>”

    Which would make you want to check out the DVD episode if that was the case. Right? :D

  2. And the question will be, which is your favorite pantsu so far?

    I like the one with blue strips (as shown in the picture above). Are there others? They need to flaunt more to catch my attention as my attention is on their guns instead.

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