Kotoura-san 07

Are we back to drama? Nope, not really. Her mother didn’t really make an appearance like I was thinking. She was just watching from afar… or rather, made to watch by the priest. She clearly doesn’t want to be there nor near Kotoura. D: ALL KOTOURA WANTS IS HER MOTHER’S LOVE ;____; The drama to […]

GJ-bu 07 – New Member

DEKOMORI DEATH! The first thing that came to mind when I heard her speak! She’s voiced by Uesaka Sumire, Dekomori’s voice actress, but it was just too similar… then I found out the director specifically asked her to just go with Dekomori! lololol 環の上坂すみれさんのキャスティングに関しては監督から「○守がいい」というわかり易すぎるオーダーがあり、(いとう)も同意したのでそのまんまお願いしてしまいました。思った通り、バッチリでした。上坂さん、GJ!(いとう) #GJ部 #gj_anime — GJ部 (@gj_anime) February 20, 2013 During the casting […]