Smile Precure – Happily Ever After


Hope is lost. The Bad End energy is too great for the precures to handle, Emperor Clown’s powers have grown to epic proportions.

The precures don’t stand a chance, having had used their final attacks too many times, they have run out of powers… and eventually lost their transformations.



The world is done for…

However, no matter how deep down in the darkness you are, we have learned that there is always a ray of hope… no matter how faint, it is there. And the precures found their light of hope previous episode, Candy.

She brought them out of the darkness and can surely bring them out of this hopeless situation, right? Of course she can! She was the one who told them they still had a fighting chance. They can regain their transformations and might even be able to defeat Emperor Clown. All they need to do is use the power of the Miracle Jewel… meaning, Candy herself.

However, that ray of hope comes with a tint of despair. Should they decide to use the Miracle Jewel’s power, they will need to completely use all of it in order to save their world. And expending it’s powers means the door to Fairy Tale Land will be shut off… forever.

They will never seen Candy nor Pop ever again.


Let me break out of summary mode.

Do they think we’ll really believe this? I mean, seriously?

Granted. This anime is for children, mainly little girls, so having this scene showing Miyuki and the gang crying with such a difficult decision will be like a lesson to them. Teaching them that not everything is a happy ending. Some decisions are difficult, and that one should weigh their options.

In this case, staying with a beloved friend, or letting the world end.

Pretty harsh, actually! lolol

So, anyway. What was my point? This is not aimed at me, so I know this scene will become rather meaningless because I KNOW Candy will come back, someway, somehow.

So I don’t see why they need to hesitate and cause all that drama.

“You have a huge amount of power? We’ll never see each other again if we use it? Screw it, we will anyways!”

Personally, I just felt it was unnecessary drama.



The precures didn’t want to watch their beloved friend disappear from this world. Not knowing what to do, Candy stepped up and made the decision for them. What truly is most important is keeping the world, and thus everyone they love, safe and free from a Bad End.

Taking Candy feelings, and combining them with their own, the precures used the power of the Miracle Jewel in one last spurt of emotion driven special attack and defeated Emperor Clown… saving the world.

Everything returned to normal. And while in celebration… Candy and Pop started to disappear from their world.

The door from Fairy Tale Land had started to close.


Now this… this was more touching than the first crying scene. Goodbyes are always sad… and Candy tried her best to go off with a smile. But of course, it’s nearly impossible so that made it more touching! ;_;

They may be saying goodbye right now, but I’m sure they’ll meet again.

And while the girls are back to their normal everyday routine… sans precure activity because big bad is gone, a familiar scene is shown again. Miyuki running late for school, and turning the corner, a new encounter should happen!

This is the exact same way the first episode of Smile Precure started! So that means… around the corner is… CANDY!!!

What? Why? HOW!?

lol I love the explanation she gave. She wished to so many stars many times so one of them may have made her wish come true!

But I like to think it was because of Miyuki and the story book she wrote herself which opened the door to Fairy Tail Land once again:

The Greatest Smile!


Final episode.

It’s over. ;_;

I will miss it. It was fun to watch. Admittedly, the ending fight wasn’t all that great, but I wasn’t expecting anything grand to begin with. Where precure shines most is its introduction, its turning point (middle of the series), and the last few episodes before the final one. The rest is monster of the week deal, which I’m not really a fan of.

A new precure series is coming up soon, so you bet I’ll be there watching.

Also, I should get to watching Yes! Precure 5, that’s the only one I have yet to watch.


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