Strike Witches

Strike Witches was nothing but a guilty pleasure for me. GONZO was baiting me with pantless mahou shoujo animal eared lolis with big guns…I of course, couldn’t resist the bait and got hooked early on…granted though…I only watched for the pantsu and plot was wasn’t really in my mind. But then the story got all serious business with us and I was suddenly anticipating the next episode and wanting to know what will happen…pantsu was now at the bottom of the list.

But I think the plot development came in a little too late into the series. It just seemed like there weren’t going to be enough episodes to properly tie all end and answer questions about the mysterious Neuroi. Although the final episode was filled with awesome sauce and enough explosion to compensate for the lack of in the beginning, I still thought the ending was bad. The answers I was looking for didn’t show face….hell, the Neuroi weren’t even present in the final episode!!! >_<

*sigh* Good thing I’ve prepared myself for this ending. I knew not everything about the Neuroi was going to be tied properly and would end once they defeated that Warlock thingy majig. And right after wards, they go ahead and ‘officially’ disband the Strike Witches.

But there’s still a bit of hope that these question can still be answered. These witches only destroyed the hive floating above Gallia…meaning there are more hives to take care off. That’s where the open ending scene comes in. Some other Strike Witch crash lands in front of Yoshika’s house and gives her a letter from Dr. Miyafuji…her father!! With and ending like that, it just screams for a second season or OVAs! ^_^ Dunno if it’s, or will be, official though… >_>

Overall, Strike Witches was a fun watch and I enjoyed it’s run. It wasn’t an exceptionally great anime that I would recommend to everyone…hell, I wouldn’t even know WHO to recommended to since all the perverts have already watched it! ^_^ It had all the right elements to bait such people, like me, and shoved what they we wanted right into our faces, and to an extent it has some plot development for those seeking for something in this anime…only to disappoint them with the finale, but in actuality, GONZO did an ok job with it! And if there’s another season or OVA of Strike Witches coming, I would gladly welcome them with unzipped pants open arms.

I’ll end this post with an image of my favorite gun Striker Unit animal familiar pantsu ass loli Witch.

9 thoughts on “Strike Witches

  1. im sorry i didnt read your post i was to busy with the head in pantys picture *seriously wtf* would you mind repeating what you said??

  2. Well, to Gonzo’s credit, it ended okay(which is one of their biggest weaknesses), not to mention opening room for a possible sequel which I’m dead set on tuning in!

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