Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Let me Spoil Something For You

Seeing as the anime is already over and it didn’t show a specific scene I was hoping it would show. I’ll go ahead and spoil the heck out of it! If you don’t want to know, you know what to do…kindly GTFO.

It’s not that grand of a spoiler (imo), but:

Yukimura is one hundred percent female!

When I found out while reading the light novel, I felt a bit…unsettled.

You see, Yukimura’s charm, for me at least, was that he was a feminine looking guy who wants to be more manly, and was convinced by Yozora to wear female clothing, that way, his manliness would show even through the female clothing.

A cross-dressing feminine boy, quite appealing is it not?

But now I know Yukimura is female…so some of the charm is gone…the trap aspect. In return though, I can now confidentially and with no problem say Yukimura is adorably cute…you know, without that odd “hey this is a guy, saying he is cute is weird” feeling.

Regardless…I would still be saying it! lol

Update: Due to Roll‘s comment, I’ll add a bit more information.

Yukimura always though she herself was male. Her father wanted a boy, and raised her to be like that and gave her the name Yukimura (a war general iirc). So, thinking all her life she was male, Yukimura never thought to herself that she could possibly be female. This is why she didn’t mind changing in front of male classmates for physical education, or going into the male bath with Kodaka. (The scene above.) She was completely convinced she was male.

But how can she think she is male when she doesn’t have the package to show for it?

Being the innocent minded Yukimura she is, she thought she was a late bloomer and it hasn’t grown out yet.

So entering the bath, and bathing with Kodaka, her situation was made clear to Kodaka. As he couldn’t quite convince her that she was indeed female, he had to let all the talking to the girls of the club. Yukimura has come to accept she is female, and as of where I stopped reading (the end of the volume this happened in) she still acts as Kodaka’s underling.

3 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Let me Spoil Something For You

  1. I read a doujin were Yukimura was a girl and I though the artist changed her genre for the lulz. Now everything is clear and I feel deceived.
    Can you spoil me more and tell me why she wanted to be manly and didn’t have any problem changing her clothes with boys?

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