TARI TARI – Wien to the Rescue!

Seeing his classmate in trouble, Wien springs into action!

Dang, he didn’t care the guy he tackled was twice his size and much much stronger, look at them muscles! Way to go, Wien! Kakkou ii~~

The big guy was indeed super excited to have seen Wakana and being reminded of Mahiru, her mother, and just went into fangirl mode, unable to contain himself. After calming down, he took her to meet with his band-mates, Condor Queen’s, and sat down reminiscing about the days spent with Mahiru and how she helped them write their famous song… then payed their respects to her.

Before the Condor Queen’s went off to play their encore at the summer festival, they gave Wakana a letter Mahiru wrote to them when Wakana was born.

Perhaps this will be the catalyst to make Wakana be a true member of the club and also start singing… or maybe the opposite, as she says she’s thinking of getting rid of her piano in the preview.

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