Smile Precure – Re-resurrecting Emperor Clown

When the precures defeated the Emperor Clown, they thought it was over, the Bad End drawing close to them was averted and changed to a Happy Ending. But, seems the Emperor Clown wasn’t truly defeated, at his very last moment, he managed to make a seed of himself. And now, if his four minions, Wolfrun, Aka Oni, Majorina and Joker, can gather more Bad Energy, he can resurrect anew!

So… the second half is going to be pretty much a repeat of the first half? Aww… kinda wanted to see a new group of enemies and new items to collect.

We do get a new type of Akanbe, though. Using two Red Noses, Joker created a Big Nosed Akanbe! Calls itself Super Akanbe and it’s stronger (obviously) and possibly a berserk, as it attacks its own comrade. lol Since it’s stronger than previous Akanbes, the precures will need to change to their Princess Forms to defeat it. (Also, it’s been 24 episodes, when will you girls learn not to use your special skill at the beginning of battle!? (屮゜Д゜)屮 )

But wait, the Red Noses are made from Decors, right? So how can he make more Red Nosed Akanbe’s if the precures have all sixteen in their hands? Apparently, there are more than sixteen… thirty two. I dunno why, sudden reveal.

The first sixteen Decors ‘woke up’ the Royal Queen, along with the Princess Candles, so now they need to gather sixteen more for the queen’s true awakening.

Also, the precures and the Bad End Empire are searching for the Miracle Jewel, which can grant any wish.

This is all so mendoukusai.

I’m glad Joker isn’t gone though, he is best bad guy~

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