TARI TARI – Getting Ready for the White Festival!

With everyone doing their part, Wien in charge of props (he’s pretty damn skillful!!), Konatsu of scriptwriting (lol), Wakana writing her song, Sawa in choreography (hng), and Tanaka in charge of backdrop (and looking under Sawa’s skirt), the White Festival is around the corner!

TARI TARI – Birth of a Hero

lol Wien’s problem was dealt with fast and easy. His letters he sent to his friends were sent right back to him without having been opened, apparently said addressee doesn’t live there. He was depressed and his mind was elsewhere. But not even half the episode and he was right back to good ol’ Wien. […]

TARI TARI – Time to Focus on Sawa-chan

These girls, they’re starting to jump on the mess-with-Wien boat driven by Konatsu. He’s so simple minded and doesn’t know much about Japan and its custom, so he’s easy bait for Konatsu to give him misinformation and have a good laugh! Didn’t expect the Wakana and Sawa to join though. lol Previous episode gave conclusion […]

TARI TARI – Wakana ;_;

Wakana was kept in the dark about her mother’s sickness and poor health. She was in the midst of her exams so her parents probably didn’t want her to worry too much during that time. So when her mother’s health took a critical turn for the worst… Wakana had many things left unsaid. I didn’t […]

TARI TARI – Jelly Sawa-chan~!

Sure, she may be saying Konatsu is not being serious about performing at the summer event, Konatsu went as far has giving their stage to the Condor Queen’s in a moment of starstruck, but Sawa is just jealous Konatsu isn’t paying much attention to her and instead giving it all to the Condor Queen’s! Jealous […]