Natsuiro Kiseki – Idol Dream

Their dream of becoming an idol group slips through their hands. Way to get stage fright, Yuka. She was super excited and overly optimistic since the start of the episode. That’s just how she is, no different from previous episodes. But once she stepped foot inside the audition hall and saw all the other contestants, […]

Nisekoi – What the hell!?

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!! Is it Kirisaki? Is it Onodera? Which of these two girls is the girl Raku made the promise with? Both have a key, he met both ten years ago. All he has to do is figure out who is, right? NOPE! Let’s add a third character! Goddammit.

Smile Precure – What’s in a Name?

Awwwwww~ Yayoi~ ;_; Another touching episode from Smile Precure. Last week’s was that bittersweet Nao episode, and now it’s Yayoi’s turn as she tries to remember a precious memory of her late father and the reason he gave her the name ‘Yayoi’. The name comes from the old Japanese name for the month of March, […]

Nisekoi – God Fuck Dammit!!

Okay, first, let me immaturely giggle at the symbolism and innuendo of the lock and key again. The opening image really really makes this shit hilarious. “IT WENT IN!!!” Also, it’s funny how the lock belongs to Raku, and the key to Chitoge. lolol oh man… And because Chitoge was too forceful… it fucking broke!! […]

Natsuiro Kiseki – Naked Saki

Hahahaha wat!? So hold on a second. Saki was turned invisible, probably because she didn’t want to be seen (or heard) by the islanders, and if she put clothes on, you’ll only see the clothes. So she chose to stay naked… THROUGH THE WHOLE EPISODE! Hahahaha oh god I in my pants~ Not only that, […]