Dammit Zero!! >_<

Leave it to Zero no Tsukaima to ruin such a perfectly great and emotional scene. I guess I should blame myself for falling for it, since I’ve seen it a lot of it in previous episodes. But with the awesomeness of the previous scene, I was sucked into it and totally forgot what kind of anime I was watching. By the way, I’m talking about the last scene of season 2 episode 12, go watch it if you haven’t already!!


Saito died. He was the bait for the enemy so that Henrietta could escape. This mission was secretly made without the queen’s knowledge and it was Louise that was suppose to do it. It was a mission where death was certain and still Louise accepted it. Saito didn’t want Louise to die so he gave her a sleeping potion and took her place instead.

The next scene was pure awesomeness as Saito took about 7 million enemies alone!! While Louise woke up and realized what Saito had done. She finally realized that she really does love Saito. Then the news came that Saito had died, everyone in the school was sad.

Then, out of nowhere, Louise’s flower started to glow {watch the episode to know why she has that flower}. She ran outside, looked at the distance, and saw Saito coming back. Overjoyed they both ran to each other’s arm. And a great heartwarming scene followed…only to be ruined.

Ruined by none other that Louise herself. Her jealousy took over when Saito said he was saved by a fairy…with big breast!! {That’s our Saito!! ^_^ } Then she did what she usually does and used her magic against Saito. >_<


Oh well, I expected a tad bit too much! -_-

Whatever, enjoy this fanservice wallpaper (1024×768).

3 thoughts on “Dammit Zero!! >_<

  1. That last episode sucked so much that I’m not even going to blog about it. :D The second series started out pretty good, but digressed, and soon ended up pretty lousy. Took me a while to actually watch the last 3 episodes because most of my interest was gone. Only one more Sunday show left for me. Seto no Hanayome, please don’t let me down because 25 was a very good episode.

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