Mizuki Nana’s New Album to be realeased Nov. 14!!

~♥ It’s still untitled and we don’t know the names of most of the tracks, but we know that “SECRET AMBITON”, “MASSIVE WONDERS”, and “Heart-shaped Chant” will be on it, for a complete track list of 15. I’m excited already!! ^_^ It will be released November 14!! Spread the word! Thanks to deftoned for keeping […]

ARIA Season 3!!!

“The October issue (on sale August 30) of Mag Garden’s Comic Blade magazine will announce that a third animated television season based on Kozue Amano’s Aria surreal slice-of-life manga was greenlit. Director Junichi Sato (Gate Keepers, Pretear, Princess Tutu) will return after overseeing both of the previous Aria television seasons and the OVA. The staff […]