Ladies Versus Butlers – Crap End[?]

I beg to differ. This was the best possible ending Ladies Versus Butlers! could have ever done. I may have been rooting for Tomomi…who am I kidding, FOR DAICHI HELL YEAH~~!!!!, I may have been rooting for somebody, but I would honestly not accept if it ended with Akiharu choosing someone. He showed no romantic interests to ANY girl whatsoever so him having to pick one would be completely out of place. We didn’t watch it for romance but for blatant fanservice and loli tits, So I’m glad it ended like this!

Yay for boneheaded lead characters~ … no wait, they suck. Except Akiharu. Of course. ;)

8 thoughts on “Ladies Versus Butlers – Crap End[?]

    • Considering the genre of the anime, I would have done the same thing, but I was feeling the need for fanservice and this was the anime to go to.

  1. I would have wanted it to be a bit better. The least he could have done was to read the mood correctly.

    But with such an ending, giving away the ticket to one of the girls wouldn´t have been good either.

    So in that sense the ending is pretty good.

    Still, I want a definite end to my shows. I don´t want them to be this open ended.

    Second season or final ultra fanservice OVA that decides everything?

    • Well, like Sergio say down there, the Novels are still ongoing so there’s no choice but to end the anime like this. It’s better than forcing him to choose someone IMO.

  2. Taking into account the novels are still ongoing (vol. 11 coming out soon), the end wasn’t unexpected. At least they ended it with some humor about his denseness

    You are right – it wouldn’t have made any sense if he had picked a girl now

    However I beg to differ, although I won’t hide I enjoy fanservice, I started liking the anime once the story and characters -above all Flameheart- began to develop a little. It’s not like it’s some deep shit or whatever, but I like some sort of story

    • It did get more interesting once Tomomi and Flameheart’s feelings started to surface, but with Akiharu not even showing interest, the story couldn’t go further than it did. :(

      But it was still a nice anime to watch…if you’re okay with the fanservice.

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