[NSFW] Mayoi Neko Overrun – Alone in the Woods

If you’re lost in the woods with you same sex friend and someway somehow you’re nekkid and it’s raining, you have to resort to basic survival guides and warm each other up with body heat. That is the way to survive, your same sex friend will understand. And after overcoming such an ordeal, you’ll end […]

[Filler] Working!! – Weapon Test

Last night I was playing around with Twitter and got my hero stats, my voice actor, my finishing move, and I also got myself a very AWESUM weapon: @53RG10’s Weapon: Name: Second Sword Type: Japanese Sword (Katana) Effect: Turn enemies into little girls LET’S TAKE THIS WEAPON FOR A TEST RUN! The victim? Takanashi!!! Why? […]


Pixiv Sauce I’ve been pitted up against Hyper Parfait in the Aniblog popularity contest Tourney! I can’t stroke my e-peen alone, come on, GIVE ME A HAND!!! Edit: Changed header ’cause peeps seems to have problem with pantsu :( (it’s okay, I like the new one!)