Winter ’10 Supah Review Part 1

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I haven’t done one of these in a long time! I’m not cut out for reviewing stuff, I suck at them so I take the easy way out and just say a few sentences and get it over with. That will be the disclaimer, these reviews are not SUPAH in any way. The title is just to catch your attention. And now that I have it, let’sa begin~

Ah, the quotes here are all from the Winter ’10 preview post.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Image leads to HUEG size 3300×2847

This seems to be the anime for Winter 2010. SHAFT is behind the animation so I’m ready to be SHAFT’ED. I don’t recall having seen a good vampire anime, so this may be a treat for vampire fans like me!

This was set to be the anime everyone would talk about, and everyone did talk about it…for the wrong reasons. There was that Funimation thing, and the manga thing. I’ll only mention the manga thing. It’s easier for me. Of course, those reading the manga said the anime sucks, and those who haven’t read the manga, thought the anime was just fine. Like me. I liked the anime. The premise of Vampire Queen coming out and exposing their existence and setting up their own nation…the bund, was interesting.

But then it turned into some retarded high school love triangle and a bad horror movie. This thing about vampires and warewolves and whatnot weren’t as interesting anymore. Maybe because Mina didn’t turned out to be as omnipotent as the Queen of Vampires sounds to be. So I dropped it right after the conclusion of the first arc. I thought the dude died, but no. Interest lost even more.

Dance in the Vampire Bund gets ONE half naked dancing vampire loli outta FIVE.

Qwaser of Stigmata

Hahaha one of the few Qwaser images with no nipples XD

“…draws his power from breast milk.” … … I WTF’d.

And the first episode was complete WTF! Not because of the nature of the anime, but because it didn’t deliver on the promise of bewbs. I knew censors will get to this. And because of it I dropped it right after the first episode. But even with uncensored versions out there, I still wasn’t enticed to watch. I just wasn’t feeling it. Or maybe the lingering image of that shouta stuck up kid was in my mind…don’t know, but I am willing to give this another try, that main girl up there plays a bit part in me wanting to watch it…that is, when, or IF, I feel for oversized breast and tit sucking. But for now, it’s dropped,

Seikon no Qwaser gets ONE pair of humongous POWAR FILLING bewbs outta FIVE.

Ookami Kakushi

Pixiv Sauce

“…terror and mystery awaits.” Oooh~ sound enticing~

It sounded so enticing, but ended up being a let down. With Ryuushiki working on this anime, I expected something thrilling like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni or at least somewhat entertaining like [lol troll fest] Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It had a nice setup going on from the beginning, it had the mystery part down, and for most of the episodes were actually interesting. Wondering why the wolf people went into rabid-like behavior and why Nemuru had to hunt them down kept me interested.

Sadly that interest wasn’t held through the series.

Once things started revealing themselves and I found out what was going on, I had a “Heh? That’s it?” reaction. Since then the anime kept going downhill, others may say the YAOI DATE RAEP episode was when it went down hill, but I think that episode was the one that made be more interested in Ookami Kakushi.

Regardless, the climax was dumb. The potential of having old town versus new town folks drama was completely shattered simply with the bad guy breaking the dam. Which failed. It made some damage, but failed thanks to the power of friendship and self sacrifice. Why did the pretty one had to go?

*sigh* I wasn’t really that interested but managed to complete it. That last episode was interesting though. Simply because it was a gag episode and I found myself laughing at some parts. Also, can’t go wrong with SRS MODE Nemuru in a pink bunny outfit~ :)

Okaami Kakushi gets two glaring girls in heat, outta FIVE.

Omamori Himari

Image Links to HUEG 4091×5932

Hmm…not too sure about this. The thing about spirits, demons, and SWORD WIELDING CAT EARED GIRL calls to me, but it also seems like the main lead, a guy who is protected by said SWORD WIELDING CAT EARED GIRL could be one of those weak pathetic useless guys…but I dunno gotta wait ’till January when it airs…or take a peek at the manga.

I should have listened to my instincts on this one. The anime is cliched ridden and the lead character is one of my least favorite archetypes EVAR! I hate those weak pussy nice guys that simply wishes for rainbow ending, and for some all girls just so happens to fall in love with this guy. I can bear with it, or so I thought. I tried to watch this anime only for Himari herself, look at her, she’s one sexy beast! And her voice is just orgasmic! But I just couldn’t stand the male lead who’s name shall not be spoken [because I forgot it -_- ].

I dropped it at ep 03, but watched ’till ep 07 because I helped Edit some translations for some fansub group…but that still didn’t save the anime for me.

Omamori Himari gets ONE Himari RAEP scene outta FIVE.

Too bad. I REALLY liked Himari. :(

Ladies Versus Butlers!

Pixiv Sauce

From the small image up there in the chart, the girls look cute~ I might like this because of certain Combat Butler. Add another fighting butler anime to mah list~

lol Here’s an example of not going by what the synopsis says nor what you think it may be about. Reading the title Ladies Versus Butlers gave me the impression it would be some sort of fight of sort, thus the mention of Hayate in my quote! XD

This anime was very enjoyable. It was what it was and didn’t try to be anything else. It was a fanservice anime from the start up and it didn’t really diverge from it. Yeah, there was some sort of story once the feelings of Tomomi and Flameheart started to surface, but it wasn’t anything grand in my opinion. And it also didn’t get in the way of fanservice. It wasn’t what I expected it to be, but I really wanted to watch some fanservice this past season, Omamori Himari didn’t do it for me, Chu Bra! would have been a substitute, but Chu Bra! actually had some story to get into, so for blatant fanservice Ladies Versus Butlers was the one for me~

Ladies Versus Butlers gets 3 REVERSE TRAP DFC’s outta FIVE.

And that ends part one, look forward for part two~

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