Lucky Star – Final Thoughts

I was a bit skeptical about Lucky Star at first. The first few episodes were slow and mostly contained a lot of “inside” jokes, but of course, this series was meant for the otaku! Those jokes were only funny to people who had experience whatever they were talking about {like me} or had seen it in some one else. There were so many references to other anime and even some seiyuu jokes that would take forever to compile them…who would do it anyways? Plainly put: This anime was for anime fans and not casual Joe anime fan. I don’t know if many people stopped watching it after those slow episodes, but for those that didn’t, they were treated with a funny and well animated anime! Kyoto Animation=Awesomeness! ^_^

The best thing about Lucky Star was it’s characters. It had everything from the moe inducing Miyuki to the otaku’s dream girl, Konata. Each had their own distinct personality that was further expressed through their wonderful seiyuu. In one way or another, Lucky Star was made so viewers can ‘connect’ with a character, be it major or minor character. And boy was there was a variety to choose from!!

Ignore my delusions! Also, those ‘attribute’ next to the names aren’t official, I just made them up as I went. ^_^’


Major Characters:

Cosplaying Konata

Izumi Konata (Hirano Aya): The Otaku

Konata is the epitome of the otaku dream girl. She’s cute, loves video-games, anime, manga, eroge, dojinshi, cosplay, and is currently obsessed by Haruhi! ^_^

Along with those already ‘attractive’ forces, she has a physical appearance that a wide range of otaku like. She is, what they would call, a loli. {I guess you can call everyone in Lucky Star a loli…} She even asked if a person the same age of her would be considered a loli-con if that person came to like her.

Yes Konata, I…erm…’he’ would be called a loli-con.
Konata: What was that?
Eh?! Nothing!
Konata: Hmmm!? *grins*
^_^’ Ba…Back to topic.

Konata is the most playful one of the bunch. She really like to pick on each characters defining features. Like Kagami’s tsundere quality, Miyuki’s moe-ness, and the fact that Tsukasa looks like Akari Kamigishi from ToHearts. Konata even gave Tsukasa a ToHeart school uniform on her birthday!!! Priceless! She’s also the laziest of the bunch, she hates studying, doing homework, or working. But if it’s for her hobby, she’ll put all her efforts to it, like working at a cosplay cafe to buy more manga!!


Hiiragi Kagami (Emiri Katou): The Tsundere

I’ve always had a spot for the tsundere, but an even special spot for the twin-tailed tsundere. Kagami now holds the time share for that special spot!! ♥_♥

Tohsaka Rin, You’re not mad are you?
Rin: “…”
Kagami: “HEY 53RG10! You’re talking about me here!!tsu
Oh!? Are you jealous!?
Kagami: “Pfft!! Of course not!! *turns away* *Hmph!!*

Being the tsundere that she is, Kagami is tough, a bit egotistical, and easy to irritate. Which usually makes her the target of Konata’s jokes. Then again, she really brings it all to herself. Like when they were talking about clumsiness in a maid being a turn on but a turn off in real life, Kagami tries to do some examples. It’s out of her character, which of course, becomes a target for Konata’s joke and makes Kagami blush, the tsundere way!!~♥

Kagami also likes anime, video-games, and maga. But unlike Konata, she likes to read light novels a lot more and sucks at video-games, but loves side-scrolling shooters. At least she’s knowledgeable enough about anime to understand what Konata is saying or referencing to. Should she be called the smart one of the bunch? Well, everyone look for Miyuki when asking questions, but Kagami always seems to know what’s going on and is never in a frenzy trying to study, like Konata or Tsukasa.

Hiiragi Tsukasa

Hiiragi Tsukasa (Koari Fukuhara): The Kawaii Imouto

L-O-V-E Lovely Tsukasa!! L-O-V-E Lovely Akari!!

Tsukasa: I..I’m Tsukasa!
Oh! That uniform confused me!! ^_^’ Why are you wearing it?
Tsukasa: Ka..Kawaii dakara!

The cutest character in ALL of Lucky Star!! Yes even cuter than the moe inducing Miyuki!! Tsukasa is everything the ‘Kawaii Imouto” is supposed to be. By the way, that means “The Cute Little Sister.” ;) She’s cute, soft spoken, and dependable on her {even if by a few minutes} older twin sister Kagami. Her droopy eyes and ribbon on her head along with that short hair makes Tsukasa the cutest thing in Lucky Star.

Looks and {my} fetishes aside, Tsukasa is kind, forgetful, and a bit of a klutz {She left her cell phone in her pocket and was washed along with her clothes!!} If that doesn’t yell cute, Tsukasa still has plenty more up her arsenal! Like when they went to ComiKet and on the train station she got locked in on of those passage things, she yells “Nanda Korya!!” in her cute voice, something that feels out of character but quite funny. Or Like, recently, when she was feeding the deers. She gave each one a cookie, and looked cute doing it, but as more came she didn’t know what to do. She had no choice but escape with her life, only to get mauled by them and fall in their…droppings. Even covered up in sh!t she’s cute! Something only Tsukasa can pull-off.

I think I emphasized enough on how cute Tsukasa is…moving on!!

Tsukasa is also struggling in school like Konata, but unlike Konata, she is struggling because she is forgetful and not lazy. But she tries to study and usually stays up late doing so. And when she can’t do it by herself, she asks her onee-chan for help. She rewards Kagami by cooking her something. Cooking, something Kagami cannot do and Tsukasa excels in! ^_^


Takara Miyuki (Aya Endo): The Moe Meganekko

Like Konata always says, Miyuki is a walking example of moe. One defining example seen in almost every episode is when she talks, she tilts her head a bit and puts one of her hands on her cheek then she talks smiling, closing her eyes. ~♥ That gesture alone is enough to cause people to fall for her!! If not, those big breast will!! ^_^

Miyuki is a wealthy, pretty, smart, and well mannered girl. She even talks to her closest friends using polite speech and had come to tolerate Konata’s verbal sexual harassment. Which I think makes Konata say them even more!!

She’s also a meganekko (Glasses Girl) and, more than anything, she hates stuff going into her eyes. Not even water or eye drops are allowed!!

Miyuki: Eh!? Where!? *frantically looks around* DOKO DESUKA? TASUKETE KUDASAI!!
Oh! It’s just your glasses.
Miyuki *sighs in relief*
~♥ Sorry…couldn’t help it. -_-‘

Maybe Konata would do something like that…


For the most part, those were the characters with screen time. But at around episode 16 or something {I forget}, new characters were introduced. They were the ones seen cheerleading in the OP. I had the same though Akira had when they were introduced, “Why now? The series is close to the end…” But luckily some how it was pulled off beautifully and I really enjoyed the antics of these characters. Not much can be said about these character, they weren’t given enough screen time to really flesh them out. But here goes anyway:


Minor Characters:


Kobayakawa Yutaka (Shizuka Hasegawa): The loli

She is Konata’s cousin and Yui’s little sister who came to live with Konata so she could attend school. She’s fairly weak and gets sick easily. She’s a nice girl and looks up to Konata and her friend Iwasaki, who she met while testing to get into Konata’s school. She’s usually concerned about her height and body development. Though, I think she gave it up because she sees that Konata also hasn’t developed. She should look somewhere else, like to her sister Yui!

She REALLY admires Iwasaki Minami because she’s tall, which usually causes Yuri fantasies by Tamura Hiyori…and I guess by everyone else!! ^_^ She’s the innocent and curious type. That makes some of her friends become a bit more reserved. Hiyori is an out of the closet doujinshi artist, but for some reason, she doesn’t want Yukata seeing those even though they’re in the same class {and probably same age.}

The funniest and most innocent thing she ever said was “Yaoi tte nani?” {What’s yaoi?}. How would you explain that kind of stuff to such an innocent looking girl? I feel for you Hiyori… -_-‘

Iwasaki Minami

Iwasaki Minami (Chihara Minori): The Silent character

Iwasaki is Yukata’s best friend and Miyuki’s cousin, who lives in the same neighborhood has her. She’s the silent type and doesn’t really show that much emotions, and along with Chihara Minori’s voice, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Nagato Yuki. But unlike Nagato, she usually shows embarrassment and other emotions. Her silent characteristic usually makes people misunderstand her and define her as the ‘cool’ type.

Although Yukata admires Minami’s height, Minami is more concern by the growth of other things…her breasts!! She would do anything to make them grow, like drink milk or sleep earlier! She has hopes because her cousin Miyuki has big ones!! Though maybe Miyuki absorbed Minami’s! ^_^

Minami, along with Yukata, is the trigger to Hiyori’s yuri fantasies. When Hiyori goes wild, Minami and Yukata are confused and wonder what’s going on. Oh if only they knew!!! ^_^

Tamura Hiyori

Tamura Hiyori (Shimizu Kaori): The Fujioshi, Otaku, and Doujin Artist

I think she has more qualities than any other character in Lucky Star {next to Konata}. She’s a fujioshi, an otaku, a meganekko, and a wide foreheaded doujin artist. She likes to draw her own manga and her genre ranges from yaoi to yuri and other stuff in between. Like any other doujin artist, she’s always looking for material, and she usually finds them in her friends, Yukata and Minami!!

When the situation arises, she goes into her yuri fantasy world where Yukata and Minami reside. She then becomes embarrassed and breaks of her delusions in some frantic way, leaving everyone {especially Yukata and Minami} clueless!! She has become good friends with Konata and usually talk about her own doujins or the ‘moe’ quality of their friends! Hmm…If I was her friend, I wouldn’t know how I would feel if she drew ME in the way she draws Yukata and Minami. Maybe that’s the reason why she doesn’t want Yukata nor Minami to read her doujin works! ^_^

Since she’s usually connected with the word ‘yaoi,’ Yukata suddenly attacked her
with the “Yaoi tte nani?” question!! I will never forget Hiyori’s facial expression!!

Martin Patty

Martin Patricia (Nozomi Sasaki): The Foreign Exchange Otaku

Our third otaku. She’s a foreign exchange student from the United States. She loves everything about the anime culture, like manga and anime, where she learned her Japanese from, which is why she sound kinda weird. -_-

I don’t’ think she’s as self conscious as the other character when it comes to her looks. She hasn’t shown any interest. Well of course, she’s a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes with the 2nd biggest breast {next to Miyuki}!! No one in her class can compete with that…right?

She’s very energetic and loves Hiyori’s doujins, the yaoi ones! ^_^ She works in the same cosplay cafe as Konata, she cosplays as Asahina Mikuru! Being the anime lover she is, she understand everything that Konata or Hiyori says and really loves Japanese music. Though, she only listens to the one song that was featured in anime. Just like I used to do!

Patricia wanted to have a memorable stay in Japan, so she staged the cheer dance that would be danced in the opening ceremony of the culture festival. She wanted something in terms like ‘Hare Hare Yukai’!! Patty, we shall see if it would be the way you wanted it. The YouTube videos are {probably} being made this instant!! ^_^

Oh, here’s an image song sang by her and Konata!


Kusakabe Misao (Mizuhara Kaoru): The Single Fanged Shoujo

She’s one of Kagami’s friend from the same class and is Ayano’s childhood friend. Everything about Misao yells fun, especially her voice! She also finds everything fun, even losing at video-games agains Kagami, which makes Kagami feel like the loser for taking seriously the desire to win!!

Though she doesn’t look it, Misao is really insightful…in useless things. Like when she was asking Kagami if she would do it, and Kagami answer “Yes, yes I’ll do it.” Ayano told Misao to stop pestering Kagami, which Misao answered “But people who say they’ll do it usually don’t!” Of course, Kagami wasn’t going to do it!! ^_^

What I REALLY like about Misao is her single fang. I have yet another special place for the single fanged shoujo. Hmm…I seem to have a lot of ‘special’ places. Well Misao now lives there with Tsuyura! Misao also follows some guidelines I follow, like the 5 second rule {which depends on the location}!!!


Minegishi Ayano (Mai Aizawa): The Passive Childhood friend [of Misao]

Not much can be said about Ayano. All I can say is that she’s Misao’s childhood friend and is the passive caretaker. She takes care of Misao and really likes to make cookies. She has also been in Kagami’s class for the past 5 years.


WOW! That’s was mouthful! And I only decided to do the girls attending school! There are other characters that Lucky Star could not do without:

–Nanako Kuroi (Maeda Konomi): The Fun Sensei
–Narumi Yui (Nishihara Saori) : The Fun Officer/The Drunk Cousin
–Izumi Soujiro (Hirokazu Hiramatsu): The Otaku Father
–Izumi Kanata (Sumi Shimamoto): The Bishoujo Mother
–Takara Yukari (Mami Kosuge): The Klutzy MILF

But there isn’t enough material to work with, just like Minegishi Ayano. -_-‘ That isn’t to say that these characters are boring or useless. In fact, most jokes wouldn’t really work if these characters were omitted. And just like the main cast, they each had thier own personality and were really brought out well thanks to the seiyuu. It really shows the effort KyoAni put into Lucky Star.

I will miss you Lucky Star! No more Tsukasa cuteness or Kagami tsundere-ness! ;_;

You know, we never did get to see Tsukasa yell “Hiroyuki-cha~n!!” That would’ve added extra points!

This post took longer than expected. I guess it was the searching for a good Patty of Ayano image. After not finding what I liked, I took some screen shots and vectored them myself! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Lucky Star – Final Thoughts

  1. My remarks: I did wish Miyuki went with to Comiket (yes I’m a major fan of Miyuki’s)

    Though I do call Yukari Curvy Moe MILF. And Ayano really got gipped.
    Good news: Manga is still on going… and it seems the anime only covered a small bit of it. I’ve been reading the scanlations as they come in.

  2. Good news! The OVA is coming out on the 26th! Can’t wait. The ending was awesome, but it made me sad because it felt like there was more but it was the end TT__TT Until the 26th ^^

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