Upotte! – My Hammer’s Going to Fire…

Hahahaha wat…?

Seriously. Wat?

I didn’t know what the heck was going on with Funko (the girl pictured) during the first half. Is she that much of a gun maniac that she gets off seeing how the new teacher holds a gun while in a perfect stance?

And why is she referring it to as “My hammer’s going to fire…”!?

I was full of WTF. Then it all became clear. The girls are the guns themselves! still wtf’d

I may not know much about guns nor what they’re saying, but I like this! It was funny, and very odd.

And erotic.

2 thoughts on “Upotte! – My Hammer’s Going to Fire…

  1. I think they meant to refer to the firing pin, the hammer-like mechanism that ignites the propellant to fire said round.

    • Yeah, I understood that. What I meant was why was she calling her feeling of getting off as her hammer going to fire.

      It made sense once I learned she was a gun.

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