Accel World – My Only Problem

Is that guy.

Man, I hate that dude.

Fuck him. Such a coward and crybaby who want to escape reality and forever stay in the virtual world. Though I can see why he’s like that, being bullied and all, but still… he didn’t have to be an asshole to the one person who cares about him.

And it doesn’t get any better when he is sounds similar to Ouma Shuu (Guilty Crown) [same voice actor BTW].

But I like the setting and world of Accel World, and since I was able to watch all of Guilty Crown despite my hatred for Shuu, I may be able to do the same with this anime.

3 thoughts on “Accel World – My Only Problem

  1. The problem with these types of anime is that most of the male protagonists are VERY PATHETIC (TO THE POINT THAT IT PISSES YOU OFF AND WISH YOU WERE THEM INSTEAD), if if they weren’t pathetic, they’re blockheads who don’t realise that there are at least 2 girls who love them to bits, ending the anime with the maiden’s innocent wishes unanswered.

    But the reason why they make such characters is because they want the watchers to relate such situations to themselves (Apparently those hardcore otakus suffer the same thing and are such in real life o_O”).

    But yeah.. I totally agree with you.
    I was about to drop the anime if it weren’t for the super cutie on the main cover *sigh* Wasted cutie =_=”

  2. Aw, Haruyuki is adorable :c He might be a loser and quite overdramatic, but I can see his character changing a lot throughout the series.

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