Jewelpet Kira Deco! – WTF? That Opal…

lol woah, what the hell!? Opal is suddenly hime bitch! In Jewelpet Sunshine, opal was a lot more reserved and a lot nicer. She took care of her classmates (being the class rep.), but here… much like Kanon in Sunshine, she’s a total bitch! And she’s voiced my Sawashiro Miyuki, so that’s hot!! Uhh… voice […]

Accel World – My Only Problem

Is that guy. Man, I hate that dude. Fuck him. Such a coward and crybaby who want to escape reality and forever stay in the virtual world. Though I can see why he’s like that, being bullied and all, but still… he didn’t have to be an asshole to the one person who cares about […]