Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – All out War

Yes! MOAR classroom battles~ This is what I wanted out of Baka Test! The previous episodes where quite enjoyable and really worth the watch, but I find the battles part more interesting as they mow down class after class, [just two in this ep but hey, it’s still fun to watch!]. Can’t wait for next ep and see Yuuji go against Shouko~

I’m definitely gonna read the manga after the anime is over.

5 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – All out War

  1. This was as a matter of fact the second half of volume 1, which was mostly about this kind of battles. For some reason I don’t really know what they’ve been animating so far, but they skipped half of volume 1 until now and 90% of volume 2 (which are the ones I’ve read so far, I’m going to read vol. 3 next week)

      • I don’t know if it’s been anime only content or not, but the first novel wasn’t animated until episode 11 -other than the introduction-, while we’ve seen very little from the second novel -where they get the bracelets that allow you to summon the beast without any teacher present-, a novel which included a kind of tournament to get the bracelets (which were dangerous for more intelligent people to have because the beasts went out of control, so the principal wanted the baka guys to get them) -in the anime they got them at random-, a china-dress cafe during the school festival, etc. All of that seems to be gone.

        I suppose that events such as the date at the amusement park, or Yoshii’s sister, may be taken from the other novels. Next week I’m reading volume 3, but 10 novels have been published so far so there’s plenty of material.

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