Hayate no Gotoku! – Caught Up

I’ve spent the whole day reading around 95 chapters of the Hayate no Gotoku! manga, one of my favorites since a long time ago. I should have been caught up with it as soon as chapters are released, but the releases of chapters were all irregular. You’ll see one chapter and then the next chapter would be one that is 4 or 5 chapter ahead…I have absolutely no idea why they would release it as such. I didn’t want to skip stuff…so I had to hold back and read it in order, often taking weeks without the next chapter coming out.

But I saw a HUGE release, or upload, whatever, over at One Manga and I creamed my pants! I had thing I wanted to do today, but put it all aside just to read as much as I could, I read all of it and caught up, AND IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!

A lot of things happened, but the thing worth mentioning, is the Athena arc, which is still on going right now [as of ch 263]. There was a lot of thing revealed about the pendant Nagi’s grandfather gave him and Hayate’s past. I don’t really want to give everything away, but Athena is Hayate’s first love, and it seems his current love!

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, I was completely sure he would be more interested in Hina, Ayumu, or even Nagi…with Nagi having the higher chance of ‘winning’, but this throws a HUEG curve ball in the harem genre. And I find myself approving of this! No matter how much time he has spent with the other girls and no matter how much interest he has shown in [some] of them, Athena’s story and the 10 year separation they faced after a regrettable ordeal makes me think Hayate SHOULD end with Athena.

They both loved each other since childhood and still do after 10 years, I don’t know where the manga will head nor what the author has planned, so I don’t know what Hayate will do about his duties as a butler nor what he will do now that he’s reunited with his childhood love. But for now, although I’m all for Nishizawa “Hamster” Ayumu, I’m in full support of an Athena X Hayate pairing! XD

12 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku! – Caught Up

  1. Recent events in the manga have made it so that a “Nagi End’ or any other end for that matter nearly impossible, due to Hayate’s way of thinking. Besides, A-tan and her poking ahoge is win

    • Yeah but I’ve seen too many times where all signs point to one route, but things take a 180 turn and go a different route because of a dumb incomprehensible reason.

      Hoping Hayate won’t do that.

  2. Thanks to the fact that the tankobon releases of the manga don’t keep count of the chapters, but instead in every volume it is chapter 1, 2, 3, etc., again, I don’t really know how far I’ve got (I think it must be like chapter 250 or so). I just keep getting the manga whenever a new volume comes out. So I’ve tried not to read much about what you said in case there were spoilers.

    Anyway, personally I’m still for Hayate x Hinagiku, or maybe even for a more awesome Hayate x Hinagiku x Ayumu end

  3. You’ve forced me to go and catch up on the manga. >:O

    2 hours… gone. XD

    What’s funny is that i actually have volumes 11 to 21 of the manga sitting on my bookshelf, but I just never got around to really reading it. =/

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