Kurokami – Shock Immunity FTL…

A perfectly good loli gone to waste…:(

Thanks to Ga-Rei -Zero- episode one, I got the Shock Immunity +1 Stat…if it wasn’t for that, I would have been A LOT more shocked with the ending of the first episode of Kurokami. Instead of staying with my mouth open for the whole ending sequence, I just said “WTF!? … That’s a perfectly good loli gone to waste…”

But that’s the shock factor…the “OMFG THAT WAS SO AWESOME!! I WANT MOAR OF THIS!” Factor was at it’s peak!


That fight was made of WIN! That chick {Kuro} can sure take a beating and give it tenfold! That Super Combo she did {in the air?} was so awesome that I SHAT BRICKZ!

Kuro is an odd character though…one moments she’s all SERIOUS BUSINESS and the other she’s all moe with the added trait of doji…it affects the scene a bit…>_>

The story is a bit interesting too, so I’ll be keeping up with this one.

Oh, and I hear the manga is better, so I’ll give that a try later!

6 thoughts on “Kurokami – Shock Immunity FTL…

  1. @Aizen: It didn’t keep me away…

    @Gargon: You should finish Ga-Rei -Zero-, it was actually one of the better anime of fall ’08!

    @The Sojourner: Go…NAO! ;)

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