Kemono no Souja Erin – Soyon…Erin…

Oh…my…I, I seriously don’t know what to say, this light-hearted and laid back slice of life anime has left me speechless with this very emotional episode {07}… I knew something was going to happen to Soyon, but what actually happened was not even near to what I was thinking, which was exile. And to make […]

Minami-ke Okaeri – One Can Dream…

Breast Lover Makoto takes breast loving to hardcore levels! ^_^ Also I just realized Mako-chan comes with innuendos, innuendos that makes us think dirty thoughts…like the spilled juiced…or making Chiaki ‘friendly’…>_> A normal person would have realized it the first time Mako-chan made an appearance…but a slow person like me would realize just now… -_- […]

Dubbing no Koto

Makaigo de ha nai… When you hear the word “dub”, what do you do? Do you roll your eyes and say “Ha! Original Japanese is Better”? Or do you say “Oh crap, someone is going to bash me for watching it in English…”? The “Original Audio VS DUBS” debate is never ending…it’s another debate that […]

Skip Beat! – Back to What I Like

The last few episodes of Skip Beat focused more on Kyouko focusing on her career and having fun rather than on revenge, and it was good, yes it was good watching her actually like showbiz and keeping Sho off her mind. But that doesn’t fulfill my Skip Beat thirst, although it was great seeing her […]