53RG10’s Top Ten Komaki Manaka Images

This one isn’t part of the Top Ten…

If you’ve been visiting this little corner of the internet long enough, you might remember this post about my unexplained obsession/attraction to Komaki Manaka. If not, well now you do! ^_^’

Today, I bring you my Top Ten favorite images out of the 400+ that I have! I dunno what made me want to make such a list, but I was bored and my new page gave me a bit of a push do make another one.

Following this is reptilian brain at work and enough moe to kill you TEN times…prepare yourself!

WARNING: Reptilian brain makes me into a guy who thinks with this p3n0r…you have been warned!

10 – “Swimsuit” Manaka


The sukumizu lover in me wanted to add and image with said sukumizu…but once I saw this image and that rather nice @ss, the @ss lover in my took over and added this to the list!! ^_^

The way she’s looking over her shoulder is so cute~♥! She has that “What should I do? He’s looking at me!” face! I think it’s that face that I REALLY like about Manaka, she has that “worried” look and a cute face that you just want to bully {the nice way}! ^_^

That or I really am a creep…>_>

09 – “Gym Clothes” Manaka


Oh how do I want to see Manaka running and sweating while trying her best! And not just in ordinary clothes…but in GYM CLOTHES so I can take a good look at that sweet @ss girl enjoying the Sport Festival! ^_^

I’ll be the guy with the camera being taken away by security…

08 – “Lori” Manaka


[Rena Mode=On]
This is so cute~♥! I want to take her home!! KYAAA~~!! Just for a little bit ‘kay~!
[Rena Mode=Off]

If snapping pictures at Komaki Manaka in her gym outfit wouldn’t get me in jail…then playing with Lori Manaka will! IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT! ^_^

”’orz THREE images in and already I think I’m stepping over the line…>_>

07 – “Chibi” Manaka



I’ve had my fare share of chibi characters…but a Komaki Manaka chibi character PWNS THEM ALL! Having a palm sized Manaka would be so awesome!

I’m going to upscale it, vector it, and make it my wallpaper someday! ^_^

06 – “Kimono” Manaka


This is such a pretty image. Manaka just looks so cute~♥! My reptilian brain won’t, or can’t, say anything about this image! It’s just a REALLY pretty image and I loved it!

05 – “Mature” Manaka


This was my PSP’s wallpaper for the longest time! All of my other Komaki Manaka images have this childish feel to them, one of the charms of Komaki Manaka,this one though, feel more mature. Something not really seen from Manaka! ^_^

Her cleavage innocently makes an appearance and inadvertently draws my eyes from her face!

04 – “Caught Undressing” Manaka


/me creams pants

I was trying to keep this as safe for work as possible, but I just can’t leave this image behind! It’s yet another cute image with innocent Manaka that brings the pervert outta me. You would think I would post nothing but images of Manaka in panties, preferably those striped ones, but really, I prefer her clothed up…but wearing nothing but a bra and panties WHILE undressing is hard to resist so I add it to my top ten! ^_^

03 – “Noizi Ito” Manaka


I really like the way Noizi Ito draws. Everything she has drawn so far has been so cute because of that special touch of moe she has…which are the eyes. I love how she draws the eyes! Add Komaki Manaka and you got a pretty damn nice piece of artwork!

02 – “I want to sleep to this” Manaka


It would be awesome if I can see her lying on my bed before going to bed! Only in my dreams…only in my dreams…

This is a pretty damn nice innocent image that gives me dirty thoughts! ^_^’ Blame her innocent smile and blushing face! Everything Manaka does is so innocent and pure that one can’t help but defile it…

01 – “I want to wake up to this” Manaka


Waking up to Komaki Manaka lying next to me and looking at me is a fantasy that will NEVER happen, but this image kinda gives me a taste of what it would be like to wake up to an adorably cute face! Moe~♥!

Instead of spending some hours going through the 400+ images and choosing 10 of them all the while losing that precious fluid of life [the red one]…I should have finished the last 25 JLPT2 Kanji…>_> Meh…

Komaki Manaka takes precedence! ^_^

2 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top Ten Komaki Manaka Images

  1. Giggled at the OP image only to realize it wasn’t part of the list. Just so you know, Sasara is my favorite To Heart girl, even if the obvious choice should have been Nanako. Weird, I know.

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