The end of Fall 2007 -Part 2-

Part 2 of previous post.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

I have to admit that in the few beginning arcs, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai were a complete disappointment. Where were the gruesome deaths? Where were the psychotic lolis? And where was yandere Rena? I missed her so… ;_; But after these arcs, in my opinion, we got something better than all of that. We get substance, we get content, and best of all, we get answers.

We are shown who/what is the true mastermind behind the “Oyashiro-sama curse” and a very great story about Takano’s past and why she became who she is now. I’ll ruin it to you and say that Takano is the source of all the bad things happening to our lovable lolis and the reason why Rika and Hanyuu can’t live a day following the Watanagashi Festival. Who would’ve guessed our sexy nurse was so evil? At least we are shown why she is evil, everything in her life has been going wrong. From death of her parents, to an abusive orphanage, you can’t help but love Takano for having the will to go on despite all these and future hardships…I won’t ever forget when she stood up and yelled at God challenging him to kill her with a thunderbolt…the bold hit the tree next to her, signifying she ‘won’ against God, bold move for a small child.

Takano ended up being a very interesting character that invokes contradicting feeling. During the story of her past, you can’t help but love/admire her. During the Watanagashi stuff, you can’t help but hate her with all your being for being such an evil bitch. And during the last episode, you can’t help but feel sorry for her as you remember she’s doing all of that to feel acknowledged and to prove her grandfather’s parasite theory.

I’m glad Rika and Hanyuu were able to finally avert their destiny and live past that dreadful day they were never able to see past. I’m also happy Takano was given a second chance at life by ‘god’, did ‘god’ go back in time to prevent her parent’s death? Maybe this triggered a different time-line and that’s why a third season of Higurashi is going to be made? O_o


Now this was the most surprising anime to air this season!! And here I was thinking it was going to be your typical romance/harem/school life anime with generic plot and story…I soon found out it was anything but generic.

As the episodes went by, the anime kept on getting darker and twisting the plot to knock you off your feet as you thought you knew what was going on.

I bet her step mother wrote that ‘anonymous’ letter.
WRONG!! it was Asami!! Also, who would’ve thought the beautiful and nice Asami would be such a deceiving little lesbian?

I bet that’s Nanaka’s uncle in the fire.
WRONG!! It’s her step-father!!

I bet it was Kaji who made Poe go ‘missing’.
WRO…wait you’re right!! ^_^’

I bet Sana saw some one getting stabbed and that’s why he’s afraid of blood.
Oh yeah? Then why does he touch his watch when he see blood?

I bet it’s a gift from the person who got stabbed.
WRONG!!! Sana cut his wrist…

But thought all of this is very dramatic and exciting…it felt like it was a bit rushed, some ‘arcs’ felt like they weren’t properly closed. What happened to old lady Kaji? Is she in jail, an asylum, where? What about Asami? How did she turned out? Did she went back to being herself? What about loli Hinako? How did she take the news of Yuusuke leaving? And the twins, did they get ‘too close’ or something? Why wasn’t their faces shown? We may never know…but at least every character had some sort of depth and exploration done to them! But I didn’t like the pacing, you got a serious episode then the next episode was like a filler, and it happened a few times.

Even though the ending left a little more to be desired, like a scene with all of them, I liked this anime a lot. It was very satisfying and it was ended properly, main-story wise, unlike DaCapo… -_- I was afraid they were going to leave an open ending an let people find out the true ending by playing the game!!

Night Wizard

I’ll still watch it if the anime was like this!!! ^_^

I’ll go ahead and say I liked this anime. As generic as it was, I was entertained by it. This is not really a great amazing anime, but it’s something good to pass the time with. It’s another anime based on a video-game, but unlike other ‘video-game to anime’ shows, it’s watchable.

The story was interesting at first, but once you piece the oh-so-easy-to-figure-out clues laid around and figure out what’s going on, it becomes less and less of a surprise. Not even it’s climax will surprise you. But the animation was nice, the battles OK, and the characters lovable!! Elis is just too damn cute~!! Akari strikes me in all the right places!! Kureha overkills with her miko outfit!! And Anzelotte is such an evil little girl!! ^_^ Plus, we get a fantastic image like the one up there!! ^_^ Too bad the anime isn’t anything like that right?

But like I said, it’s not an anime you must watch at all cost, it’s something to watch while you have nothing to watch or if you just want a fun and nice anime to watch.

One final thing, I recommend you listen to it’s OP “KURENAI” if you haven’t already!! ^_^

Sketchbook ~full color’S~

You know, there’s not much to say about Sketchbook as it had no story. It’s just a slice-of-life anime with bits of comedy with lots of odd characters and their art club. If that alone doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might not like Sketchbook ~full color’S~, capital “S” and all!! If you liked ARIA and Hidamari Sketch’s slow pace, Sketchbook is right up your alley since Sketchbook will give you the same feel good and calming feeling you get from those anime!! ^_^

Another good thing about Sketchbook was me listening to a more energetic Makino Yui as Torikai Hazuki and Makino Yui’s single “Sketchbook wo motta mama“!! ^_^ And I liked how at the end Sora mustered up the courage to introduce herself WITHOUT using her sketchbook like she always had, she’s coming out of her shell!

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