The End of Fall 2007 -Part 1-

So the Fall Anime season ended a while ago {I don’t really know ‘when’ since I haven’t been keeping track -_-} and that means that the 12-14 episode anime are ending their life-spans, along with the 24-26 episode anime from last season. I find it easier to make a batch posts like this rather than making an individual post for each and every one…

I realized that I watched a lot more anime than I first thought, I was about to include them all on this single post, but it was very long…and if you’re a lazy bastard like me, you’ll rather read a short post rather than a really long one… -_- So I cut it into two pieces!! ^_^ It was supposed to be three parts {with six each}, but I took off anime still airing!! ^_^

So, without further ado, let’s get started!!! ^_^

DaCapo II

DaCapo II has the name of an anime that lots and lots of people like/hate. On one hand, it appeals to the people who liked DaCapo {like me}, on the other hand, it appeals to people who hated DaCapo and are looking for redemption. Sadly, it turned down both sides.

I found DaCapo II boring, it focused too much on Koko and her innocence in the dating world and Yoshiyuki being nice to everyone. Yoshiyuki’s ‘nice’ character should’ve brought a lot more drama to the table than there was, there was your occasional drama, but not at the level found on DaCapo {and S.S} or it’s contenders. But it did get a little better during the school trip…where Koko and Yoshiyuki’s relationship was shaken up due to a promise he made to her and a sick Otome. And yet somehow, it turned into a Minatsu ending.

Where that come from? What about Koko and Yoshiyuki’s problem? I mean, I like Minatsu and all, but I was watching DaCapo for the sole reason of seeing if Koko and Yoshiyuki will end up together, or if they’ll break up. I wanted the season to end with a proper ending and with a sense of completion. Sadly I didn’t get any, it was a dissapointment for DaCapo fans and another reason to hate DaCapo for the hater… -_-

But honestly, as typical as it was, I did like the Minatsu ending, but I don’t think it should’ve been used to end the season. And with the announcement of DaCapo II Second Season, I’ll hope for proper closure, more Nanaka goodness {/me waits for insert song}, and I’ll really hope for Yume NOT TO TURN INTO NEMU!! >_<

ef -a tale of memories-

During the first few episodes, ef -a tale of memories- seemed like it was going to be a boring anime with you typical ‘follow your dreams and it will come true’ theme. But towards the half point it completely shattered what I was thinking and turned into a very complex and dramatic love story…more so on Chihiro and Renji’s side of the story.

Although Miyako’s past answered why she acted the way she acts and gave it a good reason, I thought it was more pitiful than sad. Because she ‘dissapeared’ from her parent’s heart, she turned into a very needy and clingy person that must constantly be told that she is loved and she won’t disappear from people’s heart, she’s really insecure. At first, I felt sad, but after really watching her, I felt pity for her. Kei, who tried to erase Miyako from her onii-san’s heart, just wants to be treated like she always has been, which is as a little sister…I thought she was in love with Hiro, making her Miyako’s rival…whatever, their story, while interesting, wasn’t the reason why I like ef -a tale of memories-.

Aside from the beautiful animation, artistic SHAFT camera angles, and awesome BGM, what truly made ef shine was Chihiro and Renji’s relationship. I’m not about to spoil their side since it’s the juicy part of ef and that alone will make you want to see it!! But I’ll say that the true climatic event for ef was when Chihiro tore her diary, breaking up with Renji and at the same time ‘erasing’ all her memories of him. It was truly a heart wrenching scene, I won’t lie, I almost cried…

ef -a tale of memories- is definitely one of my favorites anime of the Fall 2007 season. I’ll go ahead and place it at the very top!! ^_^

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-Kun

Until the last few episodes, this anime was just fan-service galore…not that anything is wrong with that!! ^_^ This was just a side dish while I gobbled down on CLANNAD and ef -a tale of memories-. I think what worked for me was the fact that the male lead wasn’t a wimp…hmmm, I don’t know if I can say that since EVERYONE picked on him, he really gave Ikuto {Nagasarete Airantou} a run for his money on the “Most Abused Guy in Anime”!!! What I really meant to say was that he isn’t a big loser like other lead characters from other harem anime, he also isn’t a pervert.

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-Kun was suppose to be just an anime serving to the ecchi side of me! Never did I expect it to have a very good story to come along with the fan-service!! It wasn’t a very intricate story, but interesting nonetheless. I think you can say it’s a happy ending since he ‘stayed’ with both girls!! ^_^ BTW: I was rooting for Reika along the way, and I was sure she was going to ‘win’! ^_^


Next Post Includes:

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
  • Myself;Yourself
  • Night Wizard
  • Sketchbook ~full color’S~

4 thoughts on “The End of Fall 2007 -Part 1-

  1. sicne the only on i watched outta this list was EF thats the only one i read ~_^ i didn’t want to spoil anything. But i agree i think the only thing that kept me watching was Chihiro and Renji’s Story. I did cry when she tore the pages from her book, it was so painful since that day had been so wonderful for them both. but you could tell form the middle of the episode that not everything was going to go well, it would take darker tones from time to time. They did it very well imo.

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  3. That one was one of the few times I REALLY wanted a cheesed up miracle to happen. I wanted her remember everything!! ^_^ But their ending was great and I loved it!!

  4. I’m going to write this up a month from now after I’ve finished everything I passed on or didn’t finish. When I wrote it last, within 2 months it changed dramatically! Plus I need to let the fall season digest a bit more, especially with a handful of worthwhile series ending right now.

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