More Higurashi?

The official blog for the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni franchise on the Japanese website has announced that a third season has been greenlit for production. The blog entry says that no details have been decided, but it also says that people can look forward to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in 2008. A live-action film had been previously announced for 2008. The first anime series based on the murder mystery visual novel software aired in Japan in 2006, and Geneon Entertainment released part of the series in North America in 2007 before it ceased in-house production and distribution of anime. The second season premiered in Japan in July, although its final episodes were preempted or cancelled on several stations by real-life assaults.

Source: Anime News Network

WHAT!?!?! Does that mean Rika and Hanyuu fail at altering their destiny in this arc?!?! Auuu~ -_-

There’s no details yet, but I think it will be about who/what Rika and Hanyuu are, their past, or possibly about who/what Oyashiro-sama is. The first season was just about kawaii killer lolis and gruesome deaths, the second season, although a lot less bloody, was about the true ‘culprit’ behind the Oyashiro-sama’s ‘curse’ and the background of Takano, who turned out to be such an awesome character that you can’t help but like and hate at the same time, she has an interesting story, she’s isn’t evil for no reason. ^_^ Although it was less bloody, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai was filled with story and substance, which I think is a lot better than confusing people by jumping around different arcs and gruesomely killing characters. But that was what drew me to Higurashi in the first place!!! ^_^’

4 thoughts on “More Higurashi?

  1. I did watch the first season, but stopped at the second. I attribute it mostly to the boring first episode. But hearing how you spoke well of Higukai, I might be tempted to start on it soon.

  2. So I guess I need to actually re-watch season 1… and then actually watch season 2…… What is it with people and the killer loli? It’s a phenomena that I can’t figure out. Kinda like why everyone loves them emo dolls.

  3. I wonder about it too. If Higurashi really gets a third season…

    Still, perhaps it might have been misinterpreted as a sequel of sorts, but not exactly using the Higurashi storyline? Since 07th Expansion, who made the game, also made another visual novel, (Something that means seagulls) no Naku Koro Ni.

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