Sketchbook wo Motta mama – Makino Yui

Don’t move!! Makino Yui is going to sketch you!! ^_^

I haven’t really been able to show how much I enjoy Makino Yui’s nice, sweet, and soft-spoken tender voice so much in my previous post. She hasn’t really been in the spot-light that often…like many other artist I haven’t talked about…-_-

But now it’s all about Makino Yui and her lovely new song, “Sketchbook wo Motta mama”, the ED Theme for “Sketchbook ~full color’S~ and its so god-damn beautiful!!

It retains that Makino Yui feeling that somehow calms you down when you listen to it. You can sit back and listen to her sing all day long without a care in the world. It’s not just this song either, ANY song will do, even an upbeat song like “Modokashi Sekai no Ue de” or “Dark Side Nitsuite Kite”. “Sketchbook wo Motta mama” is a slower song than these two, but I prefer her singing in a more calming song anyways!! ^_^

FYI: She voices Torikai Hazuki in the anime! ;)

I fell in love with this song instantly when I heard it in the ED sequence of Sketchbook. Specifically after the first few lines of the chorus {where she sang about the cloud departing, showing the sky and a rainbow}. Her voice as it goes up and down {in what sound like a run-on sentence ^_^’} after every alternating syllable is just too damn pretty! ^_^ I was already sold with the song, but that single part made it an instant favorite. I wish I could say the same thing about the second track, “Tooku made Yukou”.

Its still Makino Yui with her nice calming pretty voice, but, it’s just not at the level or quality of her other songs. In fact, I found it boring…-_- SORRY MAKINO YUI!!!! >_< I just didn’t really feel anything from it, not even the urge to {try} to sing along or try to read the lyrics in the booklet a 2nd or 3rd time…-_-

I’ll go back to listening to “Sketchbok wo Motta mama” a few more times!! I wish I could listen all day, but Chihara Minori’s new album is waiting for me!!! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook wo Motta mama – Makino Yui

  1. I agree about the track being boring. However, there are more than a handful of really good singles released today.

    As for Minorin’s CD… you’ve seen my thoughts on it. :D It’s made of the purest awesome! Her first album is growing on me as well.

  2. She actually voices Hazuki, Sora’s short-fair-haired friend. In the song Yui addresses Sora from Hazuki’s perspective.
    Love the song, love the series! I’m subbing it in Italian… Any chance you could provide a translation for the lyrics? The English fansubs ones are, well, patchy…

  3. @texandrea: Holy Crap you’re right!!! How did I missed that? >_< And I was so sure too… -_- I should’ve read the cast’s role and not just went by ear…

    *Runs and fixes post*

    As for the translation, I decided not to do {or show} any more translations until I become more proficient in Japanese, sorry.

  4. No prob, thanks all the same! Good luck with Japanese, by the way. Like most of my peers -in underdeveloped subbing countries, that is-, I’m a living contradiction in that I translate from a language I don’t know into one I’m at least… familiar with (my own – well, the way it’s meant to be) via a third one I think I have a decent command of. Hm. This is why I go around begging for translations instead of doing them myself. ^^’

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