And Sana’s Secret is…

Myself;Yourself 13
Black Blood lessens the impact of a serious scene… -_-

exactly as what I predicted!! I’ll hold on few of my thoughts until I watch the subs. But I will say that Nanaka’s past is a lot more interesting and dramatic than Sana’s, who cut himself because he was being bullied at school…Why couldn’t they tell us this earlier on? It seems rather insignificant compared to everyone else’s problems…not that suicide is insignificant…but, you know what I mean!

Myself;Yourself 13

I’ll leave you guys with what they look like ten years later:

Myself;Yourself 13
Loli Minako gained a few moe ‘attributes’ while

Myself;Yourself 13
Aoi completely lost her moe charm…Asami looks good though!! ^_^

Myself;Yourself 13
Sana looks like he gained a lot of muscles!! Did he worked out?
Fujimura-sensei still looks as pretty as she always was!!

Myself;Yourself 13
This is all we got from the twins… -_-

Myself;Yourself 13
And last but not least, a deliciously good looking Nanaka!! ^_^

4 thoughts on “And Sana’s Secret is…

  1. Major kudos for nailing Sana’s secret like 2 months ago! If it were just the watch then I would have agreed with you, but the knife and blood part kept me thinking that he saw something happen to SOMEONE ELSE. Well, that’s why I’m not a betting man.

    Hinako is a legal loli! She looks pretty much the same as she did when she was rooting Blue-sama on! If she was a 5th grader during the story (or either 10 or 11), then 10 years later makes her 20 or 21. Who was the guy with her though, I don’t remember him.

    Asami looked good, though I had hoped they would show her making peace with Shuri or something. She apparently was the one who fought to keep the park open, so I guess she kept fighting for what Shuri wanted. Aoi looked lame with her longer.

    The twins got ripped off in the ending, but Nanaka alone made up for it. WHY didn’t Shuri or Shuu get any lines and WHY wasn’t their faces shown? Was it the twincest thing? It’s anime for crying out loud… incest is as common as talking lizards, time travel, and cute mermaids. But Nanaka….. B^D~

  2. I thought the anime ended too quickly. The gap between the 10 years was well, too quick. One moment, you learn about everybody and the other moment, you are propelled in the future. A good ending though. I would have liked to know more about the twins.

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