Happy New Years!!

I want to wish anyone reading my blog a Happy New Year!! ^_^ And to give thanks to anyone who reads my blog daily {is there such a person?} even though it’s an amateurish blog!! ^_^ I hope you have a great new year!

2007 really was an awesome year for anime, no other year kept me interested in anime as much as 2007 did. In fact, 2007 was the year I really started to be into anime in all it’s form, from appreciating and being interested in seiyuus, animation, story-telling, music, character traits {Tsundere FTW!!}, and even blogging {thanks to deftoned}!! ^_^ I’m no longer “just watching” anime, I’m no longer “Joe anime fan” that I used to be during my days in high-school, I now proclaim myself a full fledged “Anime Fan”!! ;) jk

I hope this year brings more great anime as 2007 did. I also hope this year I’ll be able to start doing what I’ve been wanting to do thanks to the influence of deftoned and Dancing Queen, figure collecting!! ^_^ I’ll try my best to get a stable job and level up to “Anime Otaku”!!! ^_^’

Here’s to the new year, new anime, and to more fun!! ^_^

今年も よろしく お願いします!!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Years!!

  1. Be prepared to empty your pockets for figures. :P Every time I try to slow down, I see something that I must own, like this, this, and this. _|-|O… It’s fun though… painful and tear inducing, but fun.

    Hope 2008 is just as good as 2007 was. 2007 was a lot of fun with a lot of great anime and a lot of great discussion! Tsundere 4tw definitely.

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  3. Hrm… I think I haven’t bought any figures yet because of the fear that I won’t stop once I’ve started. Good to see that you seem to have moved past that fear. :P

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