LOVE★GUN – Hirano Aya


YES! It’s Finally out!!

Hirano Aya definitely had an image change after her “Stairway to 20” picture book, which I oddly didn’t blog about. -_- And I, for one, think it’s an odd decision. Have you listened to her normal voice? It sounds like she’s stuck on ‘anime’ mode or something! >_< Having this ‘rock’ image works for her singing {non-anime} voice, but normally it doesn’t. -_-

I thought I would have been prepared, but it’s hard to take it in when you see the difference between “LOVE★GUN” image and “Ashita no Prism” image. But I still like it! ^_^ Much like I like this new single! LOVE★GUN and GLITTER are both good songs. GLITTER though, takes a while to warm up to. I’m glad she took the ‘rock’ route and made use of her lower voice and continued to make great songs like “Lost my Music”, “First Good-Bye” and “Rule de MY Chitsujo“! LOVE★GUN will join their ranks, GLITTER might not. But who knows, I didn’t like “Ashita no Prism” at first, but now I think it’s awesome!!~♥

4 thoughts on “LOVE★GUN – Hirano Aya

  1. I liked her pre-Haruhi look better. But that’s probably just me. I’m surprised you didn’t chime in on the photobook. :P It was interesting to say the least! I thought about writing something up, but it would have been more reptilian brain than usual. ;)

    I can understand why some are up in arms over her wanting to be more of an overall idol than just a seiyuu idol. I might not be a big enough Hirano Aya fan to care, but so long as she keep bringing out good music and excellent performances in whatever series she does, I’m fine with whatever she does.

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  4. hooowaaoo y vaya que canta genial haaa… todas me han facinado bueno y esque co esa vos como no h. ha su actuaccioin en la serie ,suzumiya.. wooo.. perfecta ,bueno yo me despido bye,bye….

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