Single Collection – Ishida Yoko


Ishida Yoko goodness for all!! I always looked and looked for Ishida Yoko’s singles, but could never find them. But luckily she released a Single Collection just for me, awwwww! ^_^’ I prefer this type of Ishida Yoko rather than her techno-whatever-it-was-remix beats from “Hyper Yoko Mix” (1+2) or “Para Para Max US Mix” (1+2). All four albums didn’t really hit it for me.

Included are all my favorites, “Aka no Seijaku”, “Shiawase no Iro”, Natsuiro no Kakera”, Bokura no Kiseki”, and “OPEN YOUR MIND ~chiisana Hane Hirogete~” {from which my blog’s name came from!!!!} ^_^ and new ones I haven’t heard of but am liking very much, like “power of love”!

Go get your grubby hands on this, it will be one of the best ‘collection’ in your library!

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