NEOPHILIA – Hirano Aya



2. forget me nots…
3. NEOPHILIA (of vocal)
4. forget me nots… (of vocal)

The 2nd of 3 singles has now been released!! And of course, I’m overjoyed! ^_^

With the awesomeness of LOVE★GUN, I was already excited for this new single and the upcoming one. But sadly, this single is a few notched below the ‘awesome’ meter… -_-

These two songs are a bit on the boring side, they’re not as toe-tapping inducing as LOVE★GUN or anything before it. “NEOPHILA” wasn’t all that striking, even though its more upbeat than “forget me nots…”. Nothing really stood out to me, except for {of course} Hirano’s vocals! Shouldn’t something with the word “neophila” be a bit more upbeat? I’m all for slow songs and all, but this song is…meh.

“forget me nots…” I think is better. Its slower and has a ‘live’ feel to it, I’ve always loved the acoustic guitar and how it sounds. Plus, initially, it kinda sounded like a slowed down acoustic version of “RULE de MY Chitsujo”, which I F*-ing love!! Also, Hirano Aya’s low voice in an acoustic setting makes for great listening! And even though I say that, its still not a song that will be listened to a lot. -_- As I said, this single is a few notches below the ‘awesome’ meter, it’s “O.K”.

UPDATE: Dec. 5, 2007 – I meant to do this a long while ago, but like the dumbass that I am, I forgot to do it -_- :

That up there are my initial thoughts. After letting the songs sink in and playing them and not comparing them to previous songs, I came to really appreciate the songs for what they bring. “NEOPHILIA” brings a new style for Hirano Aya, she jumps away from the pop genre and moves a bit more to the rock side. And it shows on both songs. They also show what Hirano Aya’s voice can do, that is venture into other stuff she hasn’t done and do it beautifully. I still hold my opinion that “forget me nots…” is the better track of this single!! ^_^

These two songs, for me, are song songs that shouldn’t be played on repeat, for some reason when I replay them a lot, I come to dislike the songs, which is weird because I can stick “First Good-Bye”, which is the closest to both of these songs, on repeat without me starting to dislike it. Well, that’s it for this update!!

This should have been the cover! ^_^

Now to wait for the next single, which will be released December 4~5. ^_^

3 thoughts on “NEOPHILIA – Hirano Aya

  1. I agree about the cover image. For some reason it doesn’t fit the “mood” of the song. I like Neophilia more than Love Gun. But it really seems like people are split on it. You’re either in the Love Gun camp or the Neophilia camp (or in the Hirano Aya shouldn’t sing anything but anisongs camp). Probably has something to do with musical preferences because both song represent vastly different locations on the rock spectrum.

  2. When I don’t stick the song on repeat, I actually appreciate it a little bit more. For me, it’s a type a song that should be listened to in moderation.

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