OreShura 07 – AI-CHAN~

Honestly, I didn’t expect to like Fuyuumi… didn’t need a killjoy in the club. And although she is acting like the killjoy, I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE HER.



When she’s too happy, she can’t control herself and SCREAMS IN JOY!

She’s just a little jealous of their club activities and abuses her powers… but really, we know she’s jealous of Masuzu, Chiwa and Hime for spending that much time with Eita. She has a crush on him.

Of course… :/

Too bad she gets too competitive… or defensive?… when it comes to telling the truth. She’s just digging in deeper and deeper into that hole of hers:


Also, she’s voiced by Kayano Ai, that plays a huge role in my liking of her! lol

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