Doki Doki Precure 04 – Cure Rosetta

Woo~ the fourth precure, Cure Clo-… wait, what?

Rosetta? Didn’t expect that to be her name, to be honest. I mean, they each have one symbol from playing cards. Heart, Diamond, Spade and Clover. I would think she would be Cure Clover.

But then again, Cure Sword isn’t Cure Spade. However, it has a connection. “Spade” derives from the Italian word for ‘sword’. So I can accept “Cure Sword” over “Cure Spade”.

But Cure Rosetta? I can’t find a connection to clovers(clubs). lol

Regardless. SHE’S AWESOME!


She’s just there, chilling there and taking a sip of tea while the other two girls fight. lol

Previous episode’s preview… and the title of this episode, told us she wouldn’t become a precure when the image CLEARLY HAS HER TRANSFORMED! So we had a pretty clear idea of what this episode would be about and how it would play out.

The only thing to speculate was why she doesn’t want to become a precure. She would rather be behinds the scenes, supporting the precures by deleting all footage and internet data of the precure’s activities. She’s rich enough to be able to do that stuff, and has best buttler with best manstache ever!


So why does she not want to become a precure? She already has the Lovies, given to her by that creepy dude, apparently, in the first episode.

All conditions for transformation met but still will not transform nor fight.



Because our gentle young lady here wouldn’t even dare to hurt a fly. Even when she’s being made fun of or picked on, she will be unable to do anything. She’s too gentle for that… and has Mana and Rikka to help her out when in trouble.

But when her beloved friend is made fun of, ridiculed, and made to cry:




She has been trained in many types of martial arts, and seeing her friend cry, she put all those skills to use and beat up the bullies making Mana cry. She completely lost herself in anger and used those skills to hurt others.

She doesn’t want that to happen again. The strength of a precure are many times greater than what a girl her age can put out. And if she were to lose herself in anger again, there’s no knowing what she’ll do.

That’s why she won’t become a precure… and why she also stopped practicing martial arts.


But we know she will become a precure.

After realizing, and being taught by her grandfather, the real reason she lost herself in anger and why she’s shouldn’t fear falling to it again, Alice vowed to only use such abilities to protect those precious to her without losing control of herself.

I really REALLY hope Alice losing herself would be a plot point further down the series. It would be very interesting and totally awesome to see.

I can only hope.

But for now, the girls must find out who Cure Sword is:



7 thoughts on “Doki Doki Precure 04 – Cure Rosetta

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  2. This episode! I loved watching Alice drink tea like a boss during Mana/Rikka’s fight she was like NOPE not going to move, but as you said we all knew eventually she would become a precure~

    I look forward to Cure Rosetta going crazy one day! Just imagine how her dark form act? Damn…I can’t wait.

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