Another – Whoa, WTF!?

Holy shit is that Sakuragi!? The girl whose umbrella pierced through her throat, Sakuragi!? My head is full of WTF, again.

This shot is from the preview of episode 08, a fraction of a second before the black screen with next episode’s title. As for the episode, well, I thought having a beach episode in this kind of anime would be weird and out of place. I was wrong. It was just as creepy and really gave that uncomfortable feeling that something bad was going to happen despite comforting us that nothing will happen outside of Yomiyama.

Who died? Some guy whose name I don’t even know. How? Boat propeller got him on the head while he was out in the ocean trying to get the beach ball. Dang…

But hey, at least we get to see Mei in sukumizu~

Ending post in happy note~ lol

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