Another – Holy Mother of Fuck!

If you can’t see what’s in that image, then let me explain what happened. The girl, Sakuragi, apparently got some urgent news that prompted her to leave during an exam. Quickly coming out of the classroom, she takes her umbrella and starts to run down the hall…where she sees Sakakibara.

Now, I don’t know if she saw Misaki who was standing next to him as it was explained that she doesn’t exist. Meaning only Sakakibara can see her. This explains why everyone seems to ignore her presence…I thought she was simply ignored completely…but to not even exist…

It looked to me like Sakuragi could see her. Why else would she have made a frightened face and turned around and ran in the different direction. In her panic, she misstepped as she was going down the stairs and fell face forward…and as she was falling, the umbrella landed on the floor, handle on the floor with the top pointing straight at her. Sakuragi didn’t meet the floor when the umbrella pierced her neck, killing her.

I…just…don’t know what to say. That was…crazy. What does this mean? Does Misaki bring death a la Final Destination? Why Sakuragi? What’s going on with class three? What’s the rest of the 26 year old story!?

Man, I’m getting more interested in this anime! Loving it.

Also, what lies under Misaki’s eye patch is a doll’s eye.

Heterochromia, I like!

This episode had the same pace as previous episodes, rather slow and creepy…but that final scene, was insane! Never saw that coming!

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