Another – Whoa, WTF!?

Holy shit is that Sakuragi!? The girl whose umbrella pierced through her throat, Sakuragi!? My head is full of WTF, again. This shot is from the preview of episode 08, a fraction of a second before the black screen with next episode’s title. As for the episode, well, I thought having a beach episode in […]

Another – So Misaki is…

So she’s actually a real live human? Not some apparition she was made out to be? I actually kinda wanted her to be a ghost lol Turns out she was completely ignored by the rest of the class as I first thought, so Sakuragi really did see her. And now Sakakibara is getting the same […]

Another – Holy Mother of Fuck!

If you can’t see what’s in that image, then let me explain what happened. The girl, Sakuragi, apparently got some urgent news that prompted her to leave during an exam. Quickly coming out of the classroom, she takes her umbrella and starts to run down the hall…where she sees Sakakibara. Now, I don’t know if […]

Another – Creepy One

Oh man, everything about this anime scream ‘creepy’. From the OP, the atmosphere, and the way the characters talk and act. The hell is wrong with them!? There are also shots of porcelain dolls just to up the creepy level even higher. It feels a bit like Ookami Kakushi, but I’m expecting this one to […]