THE iDLOM@STER – Promise

Oh man…this episode… ;_; so touching, so great, the song, I loved it! When Chihaya started singing after that short pause in the song, I got goosebumps! Fantastic episode! And Haruka deserves a mention. As much as a Chihaya episode this was, it was also a Haruka episode. Thanks to her and how much she […]

Fate/Zero – Mage Killer

Man, this is an embarrassing blow to the proud Keyneth. Not only did Kiritsugu drew blood from him twice, but he destroyed his Magic Circuit. Magic Circuits are passed down generation by generation, the older the Magi family, the stronger the Magic Circuit. But the stronger it is, the easier it is for Kiritsugu to […]

Fate/Zero – Where’s the Organ?

Awww…I was disappointed they cut out the human (pipe) organ out of the episode. This guy here made a one using the intestines of his (female) victim…and Caster’s magic made it so the victim was still alive (and unable to lose consciousness) as Ryuunosuke did it all… That was what Caster sucker punched when he […]