Kampfer – Yuri all Around


Apparently, Natsuru spews some type of pheromone that attracts the ladies! And I hear it smells nice~

Too bad it only happens when he’s in female form…well, bad for him, as a dude he spews girl repelling pheromone [which Akane is immune to]! The rest of us are treated with some pseudo weirdo yuri…can’t be fully enjoyed knowing one of ’em is a dude… >_> Also, how the hell can Natsuru not enjoy being touched by all them girls!?

Hell, he WANTS to go to the male’s side of the school…idiot.

Natsuru becomes his rival in love

suisei_doubful Ah, Sakura…I find it weird whenever she speaks…I can’t help but get reminded of Ranka even though she’s not that similar sounding to her…I’m not a fan of Sakura.
suisei_happy Akane is a lot more interesting! Her personality changes is still funny~

5 thoughts on “Kampfer – Yuri all Around

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  2. Funny how kampfer = fighter. And Natsuru lets “herself” taste ribbon bondage and gets raeped by girlies in the gym store. An awsm fighter indeed. d(^^)

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