The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Here Comes Lelouch

(Not really…)

I thought the Alpha Stigma was unique, so when I learned that other people also had it, I knew more would appear with it, killing it’s uniqeness. But then comes this guy. Tiir Rumibul bears a different kind of Alpha Stigma, yup there are types. And he EATS people with his eyes, takes their power and grows stronger. And he isn’t shy in hiding his power in fear of being outcast or killed:

Holy shit, Ino Dwo is a pretty cool guy, he eats people with his eyes and doesn’t afraid of anything!

The recent episodes of LOL Heroes have been pretty damn awesome!

2 thoughts on “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Here Comes Lelouch

  1. I actually read the Japanese novel for this part (last episode and the next one, roughly). Yes, he’s badass and the anime seems to have captured that well.

    Not to worry about Ryner. He’s super-duper special. It just isn’t all out in the open yet.

  2. But he still weaks against Hero Runes.

    I hope Ryner using another magic than Izuchi. It is boring when almost everytime his attack magic only Izuchi. Can’t he using some fire or earth based magic?

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