Flyable Heart – Sumeragi Amane

After stalling for who knows how long, I finally sat down and cleared Amane’s route. I started reading Flyable Heart a really long time ago, but stopped because of a stupid plot point that I hated to hell. Even now I’m not sure if it was worth continuing with her route. But I had to because I really liked Amane.

In the world of Flyable Heart, Amane is president of the Ryourankai, an association of sorts. Kinda like the student council, but not as strong I guess. Although, has that student council president aura around her and sure has the sense of responsibility of one. I think that’s why I was attracted to her first, the same happened with Kagura Aya in se.kirara.

Anyways, her route was good. And the climax was one thing I really liked about it. Really dramatic, high tier soap opera like. (I wouldn’t know so “high tier” lol) She had problems getting along with her brother Souryuu, both couldn’t be completely honest about each other, which escalated things to the point Souryuu beat the crap out of Shou (protagonist) for butting in.

Then Souryuu got badly hurt while trying to protect his sister Amane and had to be hospitalized and put under life support. Amane got hysterical so she had to be drugged so she could calm down. This was getting more dramatic by the second and I wondered how Souryuu would turn out and how, or if, both siblings would be honest and understand each other. And just when I was eager to see how all this would be settled, Shou wished he could do things over and hopefully be able to let thing go a different direction.

He got his wish. He was ~*magically*~ sent back to the morning before all of that happened…And I just fucken stopped reading right there.

Ugh, I hate this plot device. Why do they have to go back and change things when things were already this good (drama wise)? Same shit happened with the anime CLANNAD AS. Though I liked the anime, the ending was shit IMO. Something similar happened here in Flyable Heart. I stopped reading it then and didn’t come back for it until now. I wonder how long back that was…

Well, Shou did managed to change things and brother and sister were able to clear their differences and got along again. Also, the one of the main key points was settled off screen. The epilogue has Amane telling Shou how her mother is also doing better and isn’t hating on Souryuu. Wondered why they left this out of the main storyline.

The story was headed in a seemingly dreaded direction with Souryuu in life support and Amane in hysteria and blaming herself, so maybe they wanted to settle this route in a happy note and re-did it all…which I must say, was fucking stupid. Ugh, sorry, I really hate that.

I loved Amane and was interested in her family affairs and was hoping everything would be settled okay, which happened, but not that way. That was was stupid. And I think I’ll see more of this on the other routes, yes I plan to try other routes as the other characters were also interesting. I think I’ll see more time traveling in Kujou’s route, I remember seeing Kujou talking as if she was from a different time…

Here’s hoping they don’t use the same trick on the other routes. I SHALL REMAIN HOPEFUL!

3 thoughts on “Flyable Heart – Sumeragi Amane

  1. Well, it at least made more sense in CLANNAD AS with the robot thing. The game reduced the gimmick even more – you had to clear something like 10+ other routes to allow you to get the “reset”. (although imo the game was FAR too long for its own good because of this :P)

    This seems like BS though :P.

  2. I’ll agree it made more sense in the CLANNAD game because you had to work your ass off to get all those orbs of light. I still won’t agree to it, but it worked. Since you didn’t have to work for it in the anime, and in this route, it didn’t feel right to me.

  3. I understand exactly how you feel. Amane’s route was also the first in FH that I tried, and I remember going WTF at it. The thing is though, although it feels freakishly out of place, the time reset is a part of the overarching storyline, and there IS an interesting explanation for it.

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