Oretachi ni Tsubasa ha Nai – Huh!?

I wondered how the three main guys (Shuusuke, Hayato & Takashi) were connected to each other…I guessed it had to do with the girls somehow, but they are DIRECTLY related to each other. And by directly I mean THEY ARE THE SAME GUY! Huh!? Apparently they all have the same body with each one of […]

Hidan no Aria – Erection Powar!?

So hold on? This guy turns into KAKKOU II~~~~ mode when he gets an erection!? He was a pretty normal guy with really nothing going for him other than holy shit he is zombie-sama, but then he faceplanted into loli tits (Kugimiya of course!) and turned into KAKKOU II~~~~ mode as his blood boiled. So […]

Suite Precure – It Happened…

I didn’t think it possible. But it happened, Hibiki and Kanade did not scream at each other FOR A WHOLE EPISODE! *LE GASP* There was a moment where I thought they were gonna do their usual scream fest, but it was defused by Kanade’s unexpected apology before it got going. Gotta say, it was nice. […]

Hanasaku Iroha – DAT HAIR

HHGGGGNNN~~~ God I love that hair! I couldn’t stop staring at it while watching the episode. Her short wavy lightly colored hair with flower clips is just so cute~ Love it! The episode was pretty good and pleasing to the eyes…and ears, KANAE ITOU~~~~! It showed us what to expect from this anime, and that […]

Dog Days – Casualties of War

Aww man, this had a nice interesting premise going on for it, but past the halfway mark we know what this war really is…and I facepalmed. Then I laughed. What the hell man, I was hooked and the war turned out to be just an obstacle course-like tournament thing where there really isn’t any major […]